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Cezayir ıslak alarm vanası

Algeria Wet Alarm Valve

Algeria wet alarm valve is used in wet type fire extinguishing systems. It is used for applications that are well above the freezing temperature of water. The water, which is pressurized in the pipes, is delivered to the fire area by activating the sprinklers in the event of a fire. The water being pressurized in the pipes is discharged in the fire area as soon as the sprinkler is activated.

When the pressurized water system is fed continuously, the delay cell is also filled. After the cell is full, the key on the cell is triggered. Alarm information is transmitted to the automation system of the pressure switch. The water reaches the motorized gong and the mechanical alarm is triggered. Algeria wet alarm valve is used effectively to extinguish fire.

Cezayir ıslak alarm vanası

What is Algeria Wet Alarm Valve?

It is these valves that control both mechanics and electricity that control the water systems. This system is of vital importance in fires. The wet alarm valve, which is in the check valves group, has an important place in the sprinkler system. When the pressure is greater or equal, the valve remains closed. When the sprinkler is opened in one or more ways, the clamp of the wet alarm valve is also opened. For this reason, water flow begins where necessary.

What Do Wet Alarm Valves Do?

Experiences are taken into account in order for people to live more safely in their lives. Therefore, different lifestyles and standards begin to work. Fire regulation standards are created by including a certain system. In such situations, the wet alarm valve is of great importance. The sprinkler system, which will be the first to respond to the fire in accordance with its working principles, works effectively and smoothly.

At the same time, it is these valves that act like hearts in people’s lives. All extinguishing systems are activated in this way. However, dry alarm valves inside check valves also serve. However, their working principles are different. The valves used for wet areas always work smoothly and properly in the system. Therefore, it functions very systematically. Algeria wet alarm valve works in system and functionally.

Where is Algeria Wet Alarm Valve Used?

Wet alarm valve is generally used more for non-freezing needs and fulfills its function. Alarm check valve or water flow detector is used to give electronic and mechanical alarm. Wet alarm valve is mostly used in places where people are concentrated. It is also possible to intervene immediately regarding the precautions to be taken against any situation. Therefore, it is widely used in shopping malls, factories, hospitals, workshops, warehouses, high-rise residences and dormitories. It is more logical to use the valve in case of fire, which is more likely to occur in such places. Algeria wet alarm valve is vital for people.

Are Wet Alarm Valves Necessary?

Wet alarm valve, which has many functions and benefits in fire, is used for most places. Thanks to its use in these areas, it is ensured that good precautions are taken against fire. Because in any possible situation, fire can have a very negative effect. Therefore, a wet alarm valve is important in order not to cause fire and to take important precautions.

Wet alarm valve should be used to eliminate the possibility of fire and to minimize the damage of the fire. This system is very useful for people, as it will be a little more difficult to intervene in a neglect or sudden fire. Algeria wet alarm valve is one of the systems that should definitely be kept for fires. Govalf brand produces wet alarm and is produced for people to use.

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