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Bahrain Fire Pump Factory

Bahrain Fire Pump Factory

Bahrain Fire Pump Factory; Bahrain fire pump manufacturers work in detail to ensure that fire pumps are not affected by adverse situations when using them. It is important that there is not the slightest mishap or defect in the engine and system in order to operate with full performance. There are basic features that fire pumps should carry and important points to be considered. Since their types, standards and selection criteria will differ, it is important to obtain detailed information.

In today’s modern life, fire pumps serve as the most important fire extinguisher. Fire pumps are used not only in terms of loss of life and property, but also to prevent further damage to the environment. Therefore, fire pumps are needed in order to get the best result as soon as possible. Bahrain fire pump manufacturers take care of the pump’s standard and systematic operation.

The technical and basic features that should be found in the fire pump can be classified differently from each other. Among them, there are features that should be according to NFBA. Here, it is aimed that the tool will work in the most efficient way, taking into account all the details. These basic features can be listed as follows:

Fire Pump Engine Selection

Engine selection is important for the drive of fire pumps. Because it is actually the engine that shows its functionality in terms of the most suitable and playing. For this reason, diesel or electric motors are needed for the propulsion of fire pumps. Therefore, the preferred method should be directed to diesel and electric motors in two ways. If the fire pumps with double pumps are preferred as diesel and electric, a more suitable system is formed.

Electric Motors

Bahrain fire pump manufacturers produce fire pumps in accordance with all standards. However, these standards are determined according to the purpose of use. Electric motors are FM approved and UL listed, acting as electric motors in accordance with NEMA MG 1 standard. The motors in use must work continuously and at any time. For this reason, it is important to choose a motor that is efficient and capable in terms of operation. It is always advantageous to use electric motors against any fire in facilities and buildings.

In an emergency, electric motors are activated even in the event of a power outage. It is very important to supply electricity externally for the fire pump. Therefore, electric motors are always suitable for use.

Diesel Engines

They are UL listed and designed for premium fire suppression systems. Diesel engines used for fire pumps are designed with a reliable system. Engine power should be considered to reflect pump system reliability. Here the engine power should reflect the best in terms of altitude and ambient temperature. For this reason, it would be more logical to choose an engine considering these conditions.

Engine power should always reflect 10% more power than the required shaft power. Bahrain fire pump manufacturers consider situations such as engine power and comfortable operation in fire situations.

Fire Pump Periodic Inspections How Should Be Done?

It is important that the fire extinguishing installation, which is produced for use in fire, is extremely reliable. It is important that the fire pump works in the best way in case of fires that can occur suddenly at any time and place.

In order for people not to experience loss of property and life, fire pumps, which have a high level of duty, should be maintained in order to avoid malfunctions. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and periodically check the fire pumps on a regular basis. Bahrain fire pump manufacturers pay attention to every step of fire pumps. Govalf brand fire pumps are produced in a highly reliable and high quality manner.

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