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Dubai sürgülü valf

Dubai Gate Valve

Dubai gate valve s are designed and produced to be used either open or closed. It is used as an isolation valve in pipelines. These valves are not used as regulating or control valves. It works by moving the shaft clockwise or counterclockwise. While the valve shaft is rotated, the gear part of the slide shaft moves up or down.

Dubai sürgülü valf

What is a Gate Valve?

Widely used for all kinds of applications, the gate valve is very suitable for both underground and aboveground installations. For underground installations and aboveground installations, replacement costs may differ. It is therefore possible to avoid high replacement costs for underground installations. In order to achieve this, it is important to choose the right type of valve. They are slide valves that have flow that is opened and closed by the movement of a disc up and down in the channel. It is generally used at pump inlets as it has low pressure loss.

It is not suitable for flow adjustment, but is only used for on-off operation. It closes tightly. When opened, it causes very little pressure drop. Dubai gate valve allows operations to run smoothly in plumbing issues.

Where Are Gate Valves Used?

Gate valves are generally used where minimal pressure loss and full passage space are required. It is observed that the pressure loss is very low by offering full passage area when the slide valve is fully open. Therefore, it is possible to use pipe internal cleaning equipment. The gate valve functions as a multi-turn valve. The reason for this is that the operation of the valve is made with a threaded shaft.

The valve has to turn many times as it goes from open to closed. Therefore, the slow working speed prevents the effects of water hammer blow. Gate valves can be used for many liquids. Sliding valves are used in operating conditions such as waste water, neutral liquid, drinking water, gas. It is important that they be maintained periodically to ensure that they operate systematically and regularly. Dubai gate valve is nowadays also involved in installation and many new projects.

What are the Gate Valve Features?

Gate valves are generally known as maintenance-free double-acting valves. Flow is full cross section. The slider sits on the flat surface and the flow in the line cleans the sealing surface each time the valve is opened. It prevents the accumulation of sediment and dirt. Gear box and actuator can be mounted. It can be used in aboveground and underground applications. It can be controlled by extension. It can work with low torque and pressure loss is very low.

The gate valve with burst design can change the nutring and shaft rings when it is under pressure. Dubai slide valve provides advantages thanks to its easy use.

What are Gate Valve Types?

First, bypass valves stabilize the pressure and reduce the valve’s torque requirement. It is also possible for one person to operate it. When this valve is open, continuous flow is ensured and jamming is prevented. It is used as a flat slider between two parallel seats in parallel and bolted ones. In metal seat and elastomer gate valves, it acts as a seat for tight closing of the surfaces. It provides a flat base surface by allowing sand and pebbles to pass easily.

Rising and non-rising gate valves, on the other hand, rise and fall with the slider when the valve is operated. It also facilitates the lubrication of the shaft. These types are only suitable for above ground installation. Dubai is suitable for various uses by offering alternatives in terms of valve types and their properties. Therefore, it is necessary to know where each valve should be used. Govalf brand produces professionally in this regard.

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