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Dubai ıslak alarm vanası

Dubai Wet Alarm Valve

Dubai wet alarm valve is used to separate extinguishers and compressed air in fire extinguishing systems. Thanks to this system, which can also be seen as a security control unit, the course of the fire can be changed as well as minimized in adverse situations. Wet alarm valves are used in wet pipe sprinkler system. As the main task of wet alarm valves, air pressure and water pressure balance in automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Wet alarm valves work not uniformly, but with various sub-units. In this way, it contains a mechanical order thanks to its division into sub-units. There are variously functional and commissioned tools on the unit. This scheme works regularly. Dubai wet alarm valve also produces systematically.

Dubai ıslak alarm vanası

What is Dubai Wet Alarm Valve Assembly Diagram?

It is important to fight fires effectively in order to completely eliminate the possibility of fire. Therefore, the wet alarm valve is produced with experience. The main purpose of this scheme is to inform the extinguishing and security units that the fire detection system has started. In this way, systematic and regular progress and prevention is achieved.

Sprinklers that explode with smoke or rising heat cause the water flow to start. The water, which is activated with a pre-set pressure, causes the flap of the alarm valve to lift. The moving water starts to make its way towards the trim set. Then, the unit of the delay cell, where the process will be started, is filled with water.

The process takes place within seconds and the pressure switch starts to give the relevant alarm. As soon as the water continuing towards the water gong reaches there, the mechanical alarm is activated. According to the Dubai wet alarm valve creation scheme, it progresses quite periodically.

What are the Features of Wet Alarm Valve?

Wet alarm valves are used for extinguishing fires among alarm valves, which also have varieties. Alarm valves are used to prevent backflow. This alarm valve is absolutely effective in preventing the water in the sprinkler system from flowing back into the source or a reservoir. Therefore, it can potentially cause contamination of the water supply. But the main purpose is to keep the water pressure in the sprinkler system until the desired time.

Another purpose of the alarm valve is to be useful in high-rise buildings and other structures that contain large pipe lengths along the wet pipe system. This means controlling the water flow in the system itself. Two types of situations occur when an alarm valve is not used in a sprinkler system. In order for water to enter the valve of the sprinkler system, the valves must be opened manually or the entire system must remain under pressure. These fluctuations or corrosion can also cause problems. Dubai wet alarm valve is well produced for all problems and negative situations.

How Should Wet Alarm Valve Be?

Since wet alarm valves are used in wet type fire extinguishing systems, they must work accordingly. It is used for applications where the water is above freezing temperature. Since the pressurized water in the pipes will work with the activation of the sprinkler in the event of a fire, it should be produced in this way.

How to Create a Wet Alarm Valve?

According to the conditions in the usage area, the sprinkler is designed to be between 40 – 350 degrees. Most sprinklers are created when approximately 70 to 100 liters of water reaches the fire area. Wet sprinklers can be divided into zones being fed from a common area. Therefore, the Dubai wet alarm valve should serve its purpose exactly. As Govalf brand, wet alarm valves are produced systematically.

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