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Fire Pump Manufacturers


Fire Pump Manufacturers produce fire pump systems and ensure the protection and control processes of booster systems. While doing all this, it complies with the relevant legislation and produces affordable solutions that are compatible with the latest technology, without compromising on quality standards.

Fire pump systems are used to meet the critical water flow and pressure calculated as a result of the design of the extinguishing systems. They continuously transmit water at the required flow and pressure to all systems that need pressurized water, such as sprinklers, fire cabinets, indoor and outdoor hydrant systems.

The fire pump is a part of the extinguishing system, which is designed to meet the pressure at the previously calculated water outlets and the required flow rate used in the fire extinguishing system. The fire pump does not produce water, it takes the water supplied to it from the water source and increases the pressure (energy) of the water it receives. Fire Pump must be connected to an uninterrupted water supply.

Fire pumps are mainly used to feed the sprinkler sprinkler system, the hose installation in the fire cabinets and the fire brigade water intakes and hydrants. A fire pump can be electric and diesel operated and can also provide fire sprinklers, standpipes, foam systems, water spray/fogging systems, or any combination of these systems. Fire pump systems consist of main pumps and jockey pump. Main pumps must be designed as redundant. If a main fire pump is used in the system, there must be a backup pump of the same capacity.

Fire Pump Manufacturers

Fire Pump Manufacturers produce pumps and booster systems with sales and after-sales service experience. By combining pump features with innovative technology, we offer our high quality, reliable, energy saving, environmentally friendly and low operating cost products to the sector and end users.

As it is known, fire pumps are systems that transfer water directly to the fire area in the event of a fire with a predetermined amount of pressure. The most basic function of fire pumps is to transfer water with a constant flow and pressure in case of fire. Fire pumps are the most widely used method today, especially in order to minimize the possible fire risks that may arise in working areas. In addition to taking precautions against fire hazards, it is also important to reduce the damage as much as possible after the fire. In this respect, it can be said that fire pumps are of vital importance for commercial working areas.

Fire pumps are suitable for use in almost every living space. Fire pumps can be used in almost every living space, from workplaces to factories, from residences to industrial facilities. Fire pumps are of vital importance, especially in industrial facilities, factories and workplaces where the risk of fire is high.

The fact that fire pumps have such a wide range of uses has enabled them to have a rich variety. In this context, there are different types and models of fire pumps developed to meet different purposes. It is also possible to classify fire pumps according to consumption type. In addition to diesel fire pumps, there are also electrically operated pumps.

The working principle of fire pumps is based on the principle of delivering the water supplied from the water source to a certain pressure balance. This pressure level, which is determined according to the needs of the environment, is of extremely critical importance. If the fire pump is activated in case of fire, the impeller system is activated first.

The impeller system starts to rotate on the axis of the shaft in the pump. This movement allows the water to reach the predetermined pressure level. In the next stage, the pump sends the water that reaches the appropriate pressure level to the installation. In the last stage, the pump intervenes in the fire. You can contact Govalf to have detailed information about fire extinguishing pump models and other fire solutions.

Importance of Fire Systems

Fire pumps, which are one of the most important fire extinguishing equipment for the protection of living spaces against fire, are actively used at many points. In addition to buildings used as residential buildings, fire fighting starts with fire pumps in all structures such as hospitals, shopping malls, warehouses, industrial centers and schools. In this context, the importance of fire pumps becomes evident once again when the places such as gas stations and dangerous goods sales points are taken into consideration at all times. Against these adverse situations, fire pumps function to prevent loss of life and to minimize damage. In this context, we can define the fire pump as the most important part of the fire system in the existing area.

As mentioned above, different models of fire pumps, which play a very important role in fire fighting, are preferred in order to be ready for all kinds of dangers. In this context, Submersible fire pumps stand out as one of the pumps used in fire extinguishing works. Submersible pumps, which are used to transport the water accumulated at the current point to different points due to the simultaneous occurrence of fire disasters and disasters such as floods and floods, are important with these functions. In addition, it functions to pump the necessary water for the correct use of the sprinkler fire system, which is among the most important fire systems.

The standard fire pumps included in the fire systems ensure that the water is suppressed with a constant flow at the time of the fire. In this context, the water booster fire system, fire cabinet system and the main pump feeding the sprinkler fire system in a building are standard fire pumps. The fire pump, which feeds all of these systems with water, is extremely important in firefighting. In this context, timely maintenance of existing fire pumps, periodic control and attention to whether they are usable, ensures that one is always ready for a fire that may arise suddenly. However, it is also very important to know how the fire pump works or its system. Fire pumps, which can be controlled by electrical control panels, are supported by backup fire pumps against any failure in emergency times. In this way, any risk of malfunction is avoided. On the other hand, pumps of this type of oil are extremely important in terms of being able to be used easily in many areas. A standard fire pump can be used easily in every building where there is a fire installation.

Fire Pump Manufacturers and GoValf

As the GoValf team, we have been bringing together mechanical installation supply solutions in accordance with current technologies in Turkey and neighboring countries since 2009 with our customers. While we offer the most exclusive brands of Turkey and the world to our customers at the most affordable prices, we are adding new ones to our solutions every day.

Today, we categorize our departments in the following subjects, and with our expert teams and nearly 100 brands, we offer our customers privileged services from basic to delivery in their projects;

  1. Plumbing Equipment,
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  3. Pumps and Boosters,
  4. Heating Solutions,
  5. Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Moreover Fire Pump Manufacturers, in our sector where competition is increasing day by day, we have increased our quality and diversity with various products that we manufacture by following the technologies. In addition, we design, cast, manufacture, assemble, test and control the products we produce in our own facilities with our own expert team. Our priority is the peace and happiness of our customers. We serve our customers with the assurance of GoValf. With our understanding of safe, high quality, stable work and competitive prices, we are working with all our strength to be in cooperation not only for today but forever. The trust of our customers in us is our biggest capital. We continue to offer you the most affordable prices and the highest quality services by achieving a healthy cooperation with our suppliers, based on data and information, in harmony with customer requests with engineering solutions. In particular, we carry out the design, casting, production, assembly, testing and check-ups of the products we produce in our own facilities with our own experienced staff. In our sector, where the competition is increasing day by day, we have increased our quality and diversity with various products that we manufacture by following the technologies.