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Fire pumps

Fire Pumps

Fire pumps; which are one of the most important fire extinguishing equipment for the protection of living spaces against fire in daily life; It is actively used at many points. In addition to buildings used as residential buildings; hospitals; shopping malls; warehouses; industrial centers; schools; etc. Firefighting starts with fire pumps in all constructions. In this context; gas station; dangerous; substance selling points; etc.; which are always at risk of fire. Considering the locations; the importance of fire pumps becomes evident once again. Against these negative situations; fire pumps are used in their function to prevent loss of life and to minimize damage. In this context; we can define the fire pump as the most important part of the fire system in the existing area.

Submersible Fire Pump

As mentioned above; different models of fire pumps; which play a very important role in firefighting; are preferred in order to be ready for all kinds of dangers. In this context; Submersible fire pumps stand out as one of the pumps used in fire extinguishing works. Submersible pumps; which are used to carry the water accumulated at the current point to different points or to spray it for fire; are important with these functions; as disasters such as floods and floods occur simultaneously with fire disasters. In addition; the submersible fire pump; It is in the function of pumping the water necessary for the correct use of the sprinkler fire system; which is among the most important fire systems.

Standard Fire Pump

The standard fire pumps included in the fire systems ensure that the water is suppressed with a constant flow at the time of the fire. In this context; The main pump feeding the water booster fire system; fire cabinet system and sprinkler fire system in a building are standard fire pumps. The fire pump; which feeds all of these systems with water; is extremely important in firefighting. In this context; timely maintenance of existing fire pumps; checking them from time to time and ensuring that they are in use ensure that they are always ready for a fire that may arise suddenly. However; it is also very important to know how the fire pump works or its system. Fire pumps; which can be controlled by electrical control panels; are supported by backup fire pumps against any failure in emergency times. In this way; any risk of malfunction is avoided. On the other hand; it is extremely important that such fire pumps can be used easily in many areas. A standard fire pump can be used easily in every building where there is a fire installation.

Fire Pump Prices

Fire pumps are considered as extremely important equipment especially in terms of early intervention in the event of fire and preventing financial risks that may arise due to this. Therefore; many pump types of different brands are offered to users at different prices. In this context; especially within the scope of firefighting; electric motor pumps; diesel motor pumps etc. The prices of fire pumps; which have different models; naturally differ. In addition; the current market conditions are also taken into account when determining the fire pump prices. The capacity of the pump; its intended use; for which area it will be used; etc. All of the factors are the points that affect the pump prices. In addition; the condition of the existing fire installation can also affect the prices of fire pumps. On the other hand; whether the fire pumps are electric or diesel powered is one of the biggest factors affecting the price. In this context; fire pump prices may vary depending on the need. That’s why you can learn the most suitable and up-to-date fire pump prices by contacting us from our contact numbers and get a quote. You can also examine the products related to this subject on our website.


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