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Fire valves

Fire valves; These are the valves that are placed at different points of the water installations of the buildings to be used especially during a fire and that help to intervene in the fire by connecting a water pipe to them. Therefore; fire valves; which must be used in many buildings; have an extremely important function in extinguishing fires and preventing them from growing. The most preferred model of fire valves; which have two types as wet type fire valves and dry type fire valves; dry type fire valves. Especially in winter; it can be said that it is more appropriate to use dry type valves against the danger of freezing. However; the valves used to supply water for fire; especially in buildings with floor fire installations; are fire valves.

Fire Valve Types

Fire valve types are valves that are used in fire installations and fulfill different functions. In this context; If a sprinkler system is built for the fire in the building; it is quite possible to see fire valves in the form of a small valve at the mouth of the sprinkler; at the points that deliver water to the hoses if the fire installation is in the form of a floor hose system; and if the fire installation is a column type fire system; it is quite possible to see fire valves at the floor connections of the columns. Accordingly; we can specify the types of fire valves by considering the connection features and the place they are used as follows: union fire valves; chain cap fire valves; blind plug fire valves; fire cabinet valve; reducing fire cabinet valve; floor connection valve; floor connection mouth; fire brigade. the connection mouth is like a fire connection valve.

2-Inch Fire Valve Prices

Today; 2 inch fire system valves are mostly used in fire installations. The valve; which reduces the pressure of the water in the installation and takes it under control; helps to extinguish the burn by increasing the pressure in times of fire. That’s why 2 inch fire valves; also called smart valves; are sold at different prices in the market. Therefore; it is quite difficult to determine an exact price for these valves. However; in order to overcome this difficulty; you can visit our website to examine all kinds of fire valve products and to have up-to-date price information. You can also call us from our contact numbers.

What is a Fire Hydrant?

Fire hydrants are fire extinguishing equipment that we often see in American movies and cartoons. This equipment; standing on the street or in the middle of the street; in a long red shape; contributes to fire extinguishing by providing water assistance especially to firefighters during a fire. The use of fire hydrants; which has two types as aboveground and underground; is not common in our country. On the other hand; fire hydrants are closed with a shaft and the hydrant is made ready for use by pulling the shaft at the time of fire. This applies to the above ground hydrant. In the underground hydrant; the body is completely underground; but the head of the hydrant is above the ground. In this way; it provides an easy and comfortable use.

Fire Installation Materials

In order to prevent fires; a sprinkler system; called a fire extinguishing system; can be installed using many materials. These materials are the materials that form the basis of the installation. On the other hand; it is an installation that is installed outside of the water installation itself before the fire installation material. Therefore; it is necessary to appreciate the sensitivity of many institutions on this issue. In this context; as fire equipment materials; It is important to include materials such as valves; hydrophore; water tank; connection valves; fire hoses. However; these materials used must have certain criteria and should not be used randomly. Therefore; fire materials are materials that should be used in case of any fire. Materials such as alarm pump; backup water booster; jockey pump; dry alarm valve; wet alarm valve can be counted among these materials.

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