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Flexible air ducts

Flexible Air Ducts

Flexible air ducts are special systems designed to clean the air in the environment. The air in the environment is polluted for various reasons. It is possible to give the unwanted bad air to the outside effectively with ventilation ducts. Air ducts are preferred in many environments today.

Air ducts designed with different materials have many types. Some of the air ducts preferred indoors are Aluminum air ducts, Flexible air ducts and Slot Diffuser air ducts. It is not a luxury to use ventilation installations, especially in recent periods when circulation has increased. It is possible to state that ventilation installation has become a necessity for this reason. So, what are the air duct systems within the scope of flexible air ducts?

Aluminum Air Duct

Aluminum air duct, which is one of the multi-purpose flexible air ducts, operates at low and medium pressure. In addition to heating and cooling, it also has functions such as ventilation and air conditioning. In the production of such air ducts, multi-layer laminated aluminum is preferred as the basic material.

Standing out with its high flexibility, aluminum air ducts also incorporate bending and compressibility features. Since they are produced in accordance with the necessary procedures, they can be used safely.

Flexible Air Ducts

Flexible air duct, which has some differences in production according to usage areas, is a part of the ventilation system that draws attention in many sectors. Flexible air ducts, which are very easy to carry and use with their accordion structure, generally include the following features:

  • It is designed for use in medium and low pressure environments.
  • Thanks to its features, it is resistant to tearing and impacts.
  • Produced from multi-layered polyester laminated aluminum foil.
  • Each product is tested, classified and certified according to EN 13180 standards.
  • It is very easy and comfortable to assemble at oval, round and corner joints.


Thanks to its features, flexible air ducts are widely used in many sectors and areas. The air ducts used for a healthy ventilation system must be produced from quality materials.

Slot Diffuser Prices

Slot diffuser prices are among the most curious subjects. Slot diffusers can be defined as one of the products made of aluminum metal and evaluated in the ventilation system. It is basically produced with 1, 2, 3 and 4 slots. Slot diffusers, which are preferred to adjust the air flow, are also preferred to optimize the air distribution.

The general features of slot diffusers, which contain many features, can be listed as follows:

  • Its wings have an adjustable form.
  • It is very suitable for both horizontal and vertical shooting.
  • CHA type slot diffusers are preferred in ceiling applications.
  • Recommended temperature differences for such products are +/- 10 degrees.

Slot diffusers are priced according to their intended use and materials used. Therefore, it is known that product prices can vary.

Slot Diffuser Dimensions

Standard sizes are preferred in slot diffusers. In this context, the dimensions can be listed as follows:


Standart Dimensions

                                      H [height] [mm]
1 slot2 slot3 slot4 slot






W [width] [mm]


All of the specified width dimensions are valid for the mentioned slots and the heights in the table.

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