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Gate Valve

What is a gate valve? In order to avoid confusion before the question, we need to learn what a valve is. Valve is the name given to the elements that control the fluids. In other words, valve or valve is accepted as the Turkish equivalent of the word valve. Gate valves, ie valves, are used to control liquids or gases. This mechanism, which enables the system to open and close completely, also allows the slider shaft to move up or down. Sliding valves, which are frequently used in daily life, are the control mechanisms of bathroom and kitchen installations. In addition, gate valves are frequently used by many industries such as automotive and petrochemicals.

Gate Valve Prices

Gate valves, that is, gate valves, are used as a control mechanism in many areas where hot and cold water is used. Gate valve prices, which are frequently used not only in homes or workplaces, but also in the industry, are one of the main issues that users are curious about. The most important criteria that cause the prices of the gate valves used to control the flowing water and gases to vary are the details such as material quality, properties, usage area and quantity.

Valve Types

Valve types, which are used to supply hot water and to heat in daily life, are divided into different groups according to their usage areas. Valve types, which have a wide range of use from home to workplaces, from shopping centers to industrial areas, can be pneumatic or hydraulic according to the application area. In addition, valve types can be classified according to control types, opening-closing types and pressure settings. Valve types such as gate valve, butterfly valve, ball valve and check valve are among the most preferred models.

The butterfly valve

Types of valves used to control fluids such as water or gas are divided into different groups depending on their use and area of use. Butterfly valve types are at the forefront of the sliding valve types that can be used in all areas where hot water or heating installations are used, such as bathrooms and kitchens. The butterfly valve gets its name from the shape of the stem and heart combination. The body and inner diameter of the butterfly valve, which is simple to use and system, are very close to each other. The discs are supported by vertical axis shafts.

Gate Valve Dimensions

A gate valve, also known as a gate valve, is a tool used to control fluids through a mechanism. This equipment, which is used in many places such as hotels, buildings, garages, warehouses, workplaces and industrial areas with features such as fully opening or completely closing, should be used to provide control in all areas where hot socket and heating systems are used. The dimensions of the gate valves, which are divided into many groups and vary depending on the usage areas or the need for space, can also vary depending on various factors. Criteria such as the capacity of the products, product model and type cause the slide valve sizes to differ.

Ball Valve

The ball valve is used to control the fluids passing through the line or system. Ball valves, which resemble a rotating and perforated globe and make quarter turns during use, are among the top quality and long-lasting valves. The ball valve, which provides the safest support when it comes to control applications, provides the most perfect support in on-off quality. Ball valves, which are among the slide valve types, have the feature of partial use as well as full on-off support.

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