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Gate Valve

Gate Valve

Gate Valve; The general name of installation elements such as valves and valves used to control fluid areas is known as valve. Valves that provide control with the ability to open and close during the use of all gaseous or liquid fluids are divided into many groups such as check, butterfly, or slide valves. Valves, which can be encountered frequently in daily life, are also used in industrial areas.


Valve types that keep the power and pressure in the fluid under control are used in kitchen installations, bathroom installations, heating tools and during the provision of hot water. The slide valve group, which is among the valve types and is frequently preferred, gives way to the fluids thanks to its mechanism and can be controlled by a valve that allows the flow to be stopped. In addition, gate valves have operating features such as fully closed and fully open.


Gate Valve Prices

Gate valves, also known as gate valves, are divided into various groups among themselves. Sliding valve types, which have a useful, ergonomic and comfortable structure, offer many advantages to their users. Various criteria are taken into account when determining the prices of gate valves, which are used in integration with bathroom, kitchen, heating and hot water systems.


The most important criterion for determining the gate valve prices is definitely quality. Although it may seem like a cost in the first place to its users, the gate valves with high quality and long service life will provide them with a great profit in the long run. You can examine the products for your gate valve needs and you can easily buy the most suitable and best quality product for your budget.


Valve Types

Types of valves used to control fluids such as gas or liquid are grouped depending on the area of use and purpose. These systems, which are divided into various groups within themselves, can cause many possible risks when not selected in accordance with the purpose of use.


For this reason, people should definitely prefer to get support from a professional in order to choose the valve suitable for the area of use. Solenoid valve groups, which are among the valve types, are used in environments controlled by electrical signals. Check valve types are an important fixture of the piping system that provides control of fluids. Slide valve types give way to fluids, and press safety valves provide pressure control.


The butterfly valve

Butterfly valve is one of the valve types like gate valve. Butterfly valves are frequently used in hot water installations and general water installations. These products, known as butterfly valves, got their name due to the shape and structure of the discs used in the system. The valve inner diameter and body size used in the system are very close to each other and this ensures that the system works integrated with each other. In addition, the discs in the system are supported by shafts along their vertical axes.


Gate Valve Dimensions

A variety of slide valves are used to control, stop and restart fluid flow. These products, which have a wide usage area, can be positioned as fully open or fully closed. Gate valve dimensions vary according to the model and brand of the product. Size groups starting from 165 mm to 445 mm and gate valves should be selected in sizes and dimensions suitable for their usage areas.


Ball Valve

Valve types are determined by considering their intended use, pressure capacity, directional control feature, closing and opening valves. Ball valves, which are among the valve groups, are often preferred due to their soft style. In addition, ball valves with partial use features such as full closing and opening control, fire-safe or normal in this system are as popular and useful as gate valve groups.

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