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Brass Ball Valve


Brass Ball Valve is used as a shut-off valve that controls the flow of liquid or gas. It moves via a rotating ball with a hole. It can be used without any problems with its long-term sealing capacity. It has a wide usage area with its features that can maximize system security.

Brass ball valves produced from copper and zinc composite materials offer a comfortable use because they have brass material. They are produced precisely in CNC machines and attract attention with a wide range of applications. Such valves are needed in many areas, especially in compressed air installations, heating and cooling systems.

What is a Brass Ball Valve and What Does It Do?

Brass Ball Valves, which are included in the installation elements, are products that do not allow pressure loss and keep the fluid at the same pressure level throughout the line. When used within a system, it controls the flow of liquid or gas. In this way, the system remains secure. Such valves are needed in many areas as they provide a reliable seal when used correctly.

Brass ball valves have many features and these features can be listed as follows:

  • It has a light insulation and is very easy to install.
  • It is produced from copper and zinc composite materials.
  • MS58 is produced from brass and has brass material.
  • It works with high durability at low temperatures.
  • It is a suitable product for line assembly in the pipeline.
  • It is used for opening and closing the flow in distribution systems.
  • It is used safely because it provides TSE 13547-B3 table values.

Each of its features makes it possible to use the product for a long time. Therefore, it is possible to say that the product is needed in different areas.

What is Brass Ball Valve?

Brass Ball Valve is one of the plumbing equipment produced in order to prevent pressure loss in the system. Thanks to the ball valves, the pressure along the line remains unchanged. Recommended for open and closed applications, brass ball valves are used to show high durability even at low temperature.

Used as a shutoff valve, brass ball valves control the flow of liquid or gas through rotating balls with a hole. It has a 90 degree rotation. At the same time, they make long-term use possible as they are produced from quality and durable materials.

What Does a Brass Ball Valve Do?

Ball valves made of brass material have a very important function. The flow of liquid or gas in the system is controlled by ball valves. It is known that they are preferred in many areas because they provide a reliable sealing in the areas where they are used. It is easy to install and has a light insulation.

It saves both time and cost. It is possible to say that they provide safe use as they provide double-sided sealing. Since they have an innovative design, they also make it possible to save space. Brass Ball Valve does not require any maintenance during use.

The product is produced in DN 15-50 diameters in PN 25 pressure class, and in DN 65-100 diameters in PN 16 class. If the operating temperature is high, it is possible to say that the pressure value decreases.

Where is Brass Ball Valve Used?

Brass Ball Valve application areas are quite wide. Application areas can be listed as follows:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Hot and cold water
  • Compressed air installations
  • Residential and industrial applications (Food plants, paper mills, chemical industry, etc.)
  • Petrochemical

Brass ball valves are one of the most preferred plumbing equipment with their innovative features, durable structure and high sealing properties. It can be used for a long time and creates maximum sealing during its use.

DN15 → DN100
PN 16-25
Design TSE CEN / TS 13547
Connection Thread EN ISO 228-1
Forehead-to-Forehead Dimensions TSE CEN / TS 13547
Tests TSE CEN / TS 13547
Marking TSE CEN / TS 13547


It has a brass material made of copper and zinc composite material. It is produced by molding in molds and precision machining in CNC machines.
FAF brand brass valves made of MS58 brass. It has high durability and impact resistance at low temperature.
The valves are suitable for line installation in the pipeline, the main purpose is to open and close the flow in distribution systems.
Recommended for outdoor/indoor applications. When exposed to pressure in the half-open position, the sealing gaskets can slip out of the bearing.
Care should be taken not to wrap the valve body with wet cloth or use connecting equipment that could damage valve seats and thread sealing.
DN 15 – 50 diameters are produced in PN 25 pressure class, and DN 65 -100 diameters are produced in PN 16 pressure class.
It provides TSE 13547-B3 table values.
In cases where the operating temperature is high, the pressure value drops down. Get information from our company for high temperature resistance values ​​of sealing gaskets.
Pipe thread length should be shorter than the thread length on the body.


hot and cold water
Heating Cooling
Residential and industrial applications
Compressed air installations


-10, +90 °C