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Air Handling Units

Air handling units allow the air taken from the atmosphere to be processed and returned to the environment. Such systems ensure that there is always fresh air in the environment. For this reason, air handling units are needed especially in areas where circulation is intense.

Although air handling units have many tasks, they generally enable the adjustment of temperature and humidity in the environment and the provision of fresh air flow. In addition, the purification of air from dust and particles is among the duties of air handling units. Power plants, which are classified differently according to their intended use, have a wide range of uses.

What are Air Handling Units and What Are They Good For?

Air handling units produced with superior technical features are used in many areas as they provide efficient central air conditioning. The working principle of the product is quite simple. Fresh air taken from the atmosphere is transferred to the environment by passing through the filters. In addition to its basic purposes such as heating and cooling, it is also used for purposes such as ventilation, filtration and humidification.

Since air handling units have different usage areas, there are generally types that can be listed as follows:

  • Pool Dehumidification Plants
  • Hygienic Air Handling Units
  • Air Handling Units with Heat Recovery
  • Fresh Air Air Handling Units
  • Mixed Air Handling Units

Hygienic Air Handling Units are products used in the ventilation of hygienic areas. Particles and microorganisms are prevented from entering the plant. Fresh Air Air Handling Units ensure that the fresh air taken from the atmosphere is transferred to the environment. Industrial Air Handling Units used in industrial areas have different usage areas.

Industrial Air Handling Units are used in many areas such as textile production, paper production and usage facilities and ceramic production facilities.

What is Air Handling Units?

Air handling units are products with a basic working principle. The air taken from the atmosphere is filtered and transferred to the environment thanks to such products. In this way, the quality of the air in the environment is increased. Air handling units, which are different for each system, have the following equipment:

  • Damper motor
  • Heating and cooling coil
  • Aspirator
  • Fan
  • Filter coil

The main function of the aspirator is to provide air intake from outside. In addition, the ventilator makes it possible to transfer the indoor air to the outside in a certain system. The introduction of fresh air through dampers ensures that air handling units operate within a certain principle. Each of the parts mentioned is basically responsible for the transfer of fresh air to the outside.

What Are Air Handling Units Good For??

Air handling units, which have a wide usage area, enable the following operations to be performed:

  • Since it is a part of the heating and ventilation system, it enables the circulation of the air in the environment.
  • Thanks to the basic working principle, the dirty air in the environment is replaced with the fresh air taken from the atmosphere..
  • There are areas such as heating and cooling elements, filtering system, dampers inside the air handling units.

Filtering systems used in air handling units are of great importance. Inadequate filtration system causes various problems in providing air flow. Although there are different filtering systems, systems that provide effective cleaning are included.

One of the most important components in air handling units is filtration systems, and heating and cooling elements also have an important place.  An effective heating and cooling system is used to change the air temperature and humidity level.

Where are Air Handling Units Used?

Air handling units have different usage areas. Although mostly used in industrial areas, such systems are also used in workplaces and residences. It is known that air handling units, which are preferred to provide clean air flow in closed areas, are also effective on the particles in the environment.

It can be stated that air handling units, which have durable, high quality and innovative features, have an important place in clean air flow.