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Climate / Rooftop Package

Climate / Rooftop Package; Package Air Conditioner/Rooftop is an air conversion solution that provides clean air production from a single center without the need for any additional units. Rooftop, which has a very functional feature especially in large areas, is the most widely preferred air cleaning system in some sectors today. These devices, which can be easily commissioned from a single center, also have a heating or cooling function. In addition, the package air conditioner, which has the ability to control the humidity and heat balance of the indoor space, promises a high level of energy savings. Due to these features, they are widely preferred in commercial activities carried out over large closed areas.

What is Packaged Air Conditioner/Rooftop and What It Does?

Package Air Conditioner/Rooftop is also called rooftop air conditioner. These highly functional air conditioners can be used for many different purposes. Package air conditioners can be preferred in projects that require air circulation or in heating or cooling solutions. Packaged air conditioners have many remarkable advantages.

The main advantages of the solutions offered by packaged air conditioners can be summarized as follows:

  • Creating completely cleaned and sterilized ambient air,
  • Installation can be completed very quickly and easily,
  • High level of energy efficiency and savings,
  • Easy to clean, interior and exterior surface maintenance is extremely easy,
  • Wide range of options with different energy alternatives,
  • Optional low noise feature,

All these are just a few of the distinguishing and striking features of packaged air conditioners. Packaged air conditioners, which can be used in large and closed areas, have been developed in accordance with Ecodesing and Eurovent standards.

What is Climate / Rooftop Package?

Package Air Conditioner/Rooftop is a type of air conditioner that promises air flow regulation, ambient air purification, heating and cooling solutions through a single system. Packaged air conditioners, which are mostly two different types, can be categorized in two ways as air-cooled or water-cooled. In addition, there are models specially developed according to the usage areas of Package Air Conditioners.

The only disadvantage of Package Air Conditioners is that they need a space for installation. These outdoor air conditioners are the ideal solution for large volume air conditioning demands. Rooftop does not need any additional units other than the control center. Operations such as heating, air distribution and cooling can be managed entirely through this center. Thus, it is also possible to maximize space savings.

What Packaged Air Conditioner/Rooftop Does?

Package Air Conditioning/Rooftop is a multi-functional air-conditioning solution with many functions. The air conditioning solution, which is widely preferred in large and closed areas, can meet many demands at the same time thanks to its functional structure. The working principle of the air conditioner is that the air drawn from outside is automatically filtered and blown indoors. Thanks to this feature, it can easily adjust the heat and humidity balance in the indoor area according to the appropriate standards.

Where to Use Package Air Conditioner/Rooftop?

Package Air Conditioner/Rooftop has a very wide usage area today. Packaged Air Conditioner, which is widely preferred especially in industrial facilities, can also be used in gigantic structures such as airports and shopping malls. In addition, another area where Package Air Conditioners are widely used is theaters and movie theaters. Package Air Conditioners are preferred in these halls to create a clean air and to keep the heat balance of the hall stable.

Packaged Air Conditioners can be used in almost all large commercial buildings. Promising significant energy savings in large buildings, Package Air Conditioning is also remarkable with its low initial investment cost. These air conditioners, which can be maintained, repaired and cleaned very easily, can also be used in restaurants and stores as part of air conditioning solutions.