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Dual Check Valve


PN 16
Design EN 12334
Connection Dual Disco Type EN 1092-1 / ISO 7005-2
Face to Face Dimensions EN 558 Series 16
Tests TS EN 12266-1
Paint Electrostatic Powder Coating


The disc, which is hinged to the body, is placed in the flow section.
Stainless steel disc placed in the housing slots on the sealing of EPDM gaskets and providing 100% sealing.
When the flow determined in the system starts, it allows it to flow between the body and the disc.
With the beginning of movement in the flow direction above the system, the disc leaves the flow section by turning the axis and allows the flow passage.
When the flow stops, the disc snaps into the EPDM seal channel placed on the body by spring force and provides 100% tight sealing.
It is designed to maintain minimum pressure loss in the pipeline.
Easy installation between two flanges thanks to the short mounting length.
A partially open disc creates a greater pressure drop and clogs the valve disc – distorting flow and increasing the chance of water hammer.
Manufactured with two half disc flaps in stainless steel.
Can be mounted in horizontal or vertical position
Maintenance free.


hot and cold water
Power and heat engineering
Compressed Air
industrial technologies
Fluids without acid or alkaline properties


+120 °C

Dual check valve is a type of check valve suitable for use in liquid flow installations that do not have acidic and alkaline properties. The most basic task of the dual check valves, which enable the liquid to move in one direction in the installation, is to prevent the liquid flow from happening in the opposite direction. Dual check valves have the feature of being mounted in vertical or horizontal position according to the general characteristics of the system or the demands. These check valves, which have a working principle similar to the working principle of classical check valves, can be used without any maintenance. It can be easily mounted and ensures reliable and trouble-free operation of the piping system.

What is a Dual Check Valve and What It Does?

Dual check valve has 100% sealing feature. The disc located in the body of the check valve is placed inside the flow section. When fluid mobility starts in the piping system, it allows the fluid to flow between the body and the disc according to the flow direction. Thus, it turns the axis of the flow part parallel to the beginning of the fluid movement and allows the flow to continue.

If the fluid flow in the system stops, the disc positioned in the dual check valve is placed in the EPDM type gasket channel positioned in the body with the force it receives from the spring. Thus, the recycle force created by the liquid pressure is prevented and the liquid backflow is closed. Another feature of the dual check valve is to protect the pressure loss. It can be mounted easily, quickly and practically between two flanges.

What is Dual Check Valve?

Dual check valve is an auxiliary element designed to prevent the flow of liquid in the opposite direction in piping systems. It can be easily installed and quickly adapted to the system due to its practical structure. It prevents the back flow of the liquid in the system and protects the direction of movement. It does not require any maintenance and can be simply mounted between two flanges.

Dual check valve is produced from two half disc flaps made of stainless steel. It has an extremely durable structure. It is suitable for performing the assembly process in horizontal or vertical position according to the requirements or demands of the system. Today, although it is widely preferred in hot and cold water installations, it is also heavily needed in the field of power and heat engineering.

What Does a Dual Check Valve Do??

Dual check valve, as in all other check valves, functions to prevent the liquid passage from happening in the opposite direction. Dual check valves, which fulfill an extremely critical function for the piping system, are also used extensively in industrial technologies. Another function of dual check valves is to maintain pressure balance by preventing pressure loss. At the same time, it has a 100% liquid tightness feature.

Having a structure resistant to temperatures up to 120 degrees, the dual squeegee also has the function of ensuring that the flow in the system is in one direction. It prevents the liquid from returning with its special working principles. It also provides system security against negativities such as back pressure and knocking, especially in installations.

Usage Areas

It has a double flap structure. Due to this feature, it completely prevents the return of the liquid. Although it is suitable for use in piping installations with drinking water passage, it has a wide range of uses today. It can be preferred for almost every piping installation and can be produced in different sizes or diameters according to the demands.

The systems and areas where the dual check valve is most commonly preferred today can be listed as follows:

  • Drinking water installations,
  • Installations where the formation of compressed air occurs,
  • Installations using industrial technologies,
  • Hot and cold water installations,
  • Steam installations,

Apart from these, dual check valves are suitable for use in almost any piping installation where there is no acid or alkaline liquid passage.