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Electric Actuator

Electric Actuator; Another of the actuator types is known as an electric actuator. In such systems, the energy required to open and close the valve is supplied from the electric motor. The electric motor ensures the formation of the driving force. This allows the gears to move inside the body. In such systems, the gear system is mainly involved.

The presence of a gear system makes it possible to rotate the opening and closing operations with a constant torque. In electric actuators, the body part is aluminum. On the outer body, hard aluminum alloy anodizing improvement and polyester powder coating are used. Thanks to this, it is quite resistant to impacts.

The electric actuator is used in Butterfly Valves with Ball Valve. The installation of the connecting lower part of the system is carried out smoothly. Because the installation can meet ISO 5211 standards. In order for the system to work Decently and effectively, there are two square flange connections between the bottom and the holes. The system is basically certified IP 67 Sealing. This situation allows it to offer a successful sealing.

How Does the Electric Actuator Work?
The operating system of the electric actuator is quite simple. There is an electric motor for the system to work. The electric motor is activated to open and close the valve, and the driving force generated by the electric motor allows the circular movement of the gears located in the housing. Thanks to this, the system works smoothly. In addition, the system can be supplied with 220V AC, 24V/DC power and the input current can be controlled via 4-20 mA or 0-10V DC signal.



Electric Actuators use an electric motor to open and close the valve.

The driving force obtained by the electric motor ensures the circular movement of the gears within the body. Since the gear system is used, rotation is provided with a constant torque from the beginning to the end of the on/off process. It can be supplied with 220V AC, 24V/DC power, the valve is automatically brought to the correct position by controlling the input current with a 4-20 mA or 0-10V DC signal.

Body Aluminum Injection The Outer Body is coated with polyester powder with Hard Aluminum Alloy Anodizing improvement.

Connection The installation of the lower part meets the international ISO 5211 standards.

There are two square flange connection places between the bottom and the holes, The sealing has a successful sealing with IP 67 Decertification.

Connection Type ISO 5211


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