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Fancoil is a water-based temperature balancing solution with heating and cooling alternatives. Fancoils consist of a resistance type serpentine and a fan used in many different areas in the industry. Although they have a very simple structure, they are extremely effective. Fan coils have the feature of blowing cold or hot air according to the temperature of the water in the system. With this feature, it can be said that Fancoils have a system similar to the working principle of a conventional air conditioner. However, there are very serious differences between air conditioners and fan coils. The main difference between the two systems is that Fancoils have lower costs. Technically, Fancoils can distribute the water prepared on a single center to different areas.

What is Fancoil and What It Does?

Fancoil has a special structure in terms of producing cold and hot heat as well as a special working principle. The hot air produced by the fancoil is supplied from the hot water boiler. If the product needs to blow cold air, the cold air boiler called “Chiller” should be activated at this point.

Fancoils are offered in models developed in different ways to meet different needs. The FanCoil consisting of a single coil is called the “Two Pipe Fancoil” system. There are two different pipes in this system and the function of each pipe is to provide hot or cold blowing. Models consisting of two coils are called “Four Pipe Fancoil”. The four different pipes used in these systems allow each device to heat and cool independently.

What is Fancoil?

Fancoil is a special heat balancing system developed to meet heating and cooling demands at the same time. A special room in the fancoil system forms the backbone of the system and determines the temperature of the water in the system. The fan, which is the basic building block of the fancoil, takes the water in the room and transmits it to the area where heating or cooling will be done by passing it over the serpentines.

The cooled or heated water passing through the coil is blown into the area by the air devices. The temperature of the water passing over the coil determines whether the device blows cold or hot. If cold water passes through, cold air is blown, and if hot water passes, hot air is blown. This principle is the Fancoil water distribution process.

Return pipes are used so that the water can be included in the system again. These pipes take the water that was previously in the system and transmit it to the center. The water, which is subjected to reheating or cooling in the center, is included in the system to provide circulation once again. Thus, a stable level of heating and cooling solution is obtained.

What Does a Fan Coil Do?

The fan coil can basically meet the heating and cooling demands at the same time. Therefore, it provides very effective advantages to users. Some Fancoil models offer the possibility of blowing cold or hot air from each device at the same time. One of these devices, which has an independent structure from each other, can blow cold air while the other can blow hot air.

Where is Fancoil Used?

Fancoil is a solution used in almost every living area today, but it is more commonly preferred especially in large buildings. Fancoil is very suitable for use in all high-rise buildings, especially in large buildings, sites, hospitals, hotels, accommodation facilities and offices where common heating and cooling demands are made. Maintenance of fancoil devices should be carried out routinely at regular intervals and it should be ensured that the system works correctly.

Fancoil system is a water system and consists of fans and serpentines. If cold water passes through the serpentine, cooling is performed, and if hot water passes, heating is performed.

Hot water (boiler) and/or chilled water (chiller) prepared from a center is sent to the fancoil devices placed in the spaces. With the help of the fan, the air taken from the room is passed over the serpentines and is heated or cooled and blown back into the room.

Fancoil devices are preferred in multi-room buildings and applications where there is not enough volume to pass large ducts.

Fancoils; There are concealed ceiling, high static pressure, 4-way blown cassette, concealed and cassette flooring, wall type alternatives.

FORM brand Fancoils; It is preferred for its superior performance, high efficiency values, special design, quiet operation, durability, thin ergonomic dimensions and low maintenance costs.

Main Applications

  • Shopping and Living Centers
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Business centers
  • Administrative and public buildings
  • Residence
  • Villa
  • Housing