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Fixed Flange Expansion Joints

For the selection of expansion joints larger than Ø250 mm, please contact our technical service.
Standard connection material is st37 carbon steel. Optionally, it can be manufactured according to AISI304, AISI316 stainless steel or other requested materials.


  • Corrugation Material:AISI304, 316, 316L, 321, 309, 310
  • Flange Material:st37-2, AISI304, 316

Fixed Flange Expansion Joints are designed to compensate for dimensional changes caused by expansion or contraction in pipelines carrying hot and cold fluids. Such products, which are produced with a special design, can also be considered as expansion parts. Fixed flanged compensators, which also absorb the mechanical vibrations that occur in the pipeline, draw attention with their wide usage areas.

Since the standard material of the product is ST37 carbon steel, it can be used safely. It is also possible to produce with different materials. Therefore, it is possible to say that they were produced meticulously. Although they are produced according to a standard size, it is also possible to manufacture larger compensators.

What are Fixed Flange Expansion Joints and What Are They Good For?

Expansion or deterioration may occur in pipelines due to temperature changes. In such a case, if precautions are not taken, various problems may occur within the system. Fixed flange compensators are designed to prevent system failure. Pipelines that carry hot or cold fluids, as well as lines that are exposed to high temperature changes, can expand or contract.

Such situations cause dimensional changes in pipelines. The parts that allow dimensional changes to occur are called compensators. It has flexible metal bellows and thus it moves easily. Fixed flanged compensators, which are preferred in many areas, draw attention with their innovative features.

What are Fixed Flange Expansion Joints?

It is important to use equipment that will provide support in this regard, as the dimensional change of the pipelines during heat changes can cause the system to deteriorate. Fixed flanged compensators draw attention as parts that provide protection of the system as a result of temperature changes.

These compensators, which contain many features, enable an advanced use. It provides a safe use as it is designed from quality materials. In this way, it can be used for a long time and prevents the pipelines from malfunctioning. Thanks to its bellows, flanges and many other features, it enables flexible use.

What Do Fixed Flange Expansion Joints Do?

Fixed Flange Expansion Joints are one of the parts in the pipelines. The elongation and contraction movements in the longitudinal axial direction in the pipelines are absorbed by the compensators. Therefore, it is possible to state that they have a wide usage area.

Fixed flanged compensators include features such as:

  • The contraction and expansion movements that occur due to temperature changes in the pipeline are absorbed.
  • It has a bellows system designed from stainless steel.
  • Flanges made of carbon steel enable sealing in the system.
  • Its features make it possible to use it easily in different areas.
  • Meticulous implementation is mandatory.

Each of the specified features ensures that compensators are often preferred. They can be used comfortably as they are designed in an innovative way. Although compensators up to 250 mm in diameter are designed, expansions larger than 250 mm can also be designed.

Where Are Fixed Flange Expansion Joints Used?

Compensators, which have different types of models, are a product that incorporates technological features. Fixed Flange Expansion Joints are used in many fields. The usage areas of such compensators can be listed as follows:

  • Industrial applications
  • To absorb axial expansions
  • All machines
  • All engines
  • Reducing the voltage and noise in the system
  • Gas and water lines
  • All pumps
  • Drinking water lines

Fixed flanged compensators used in each of the specified areas attract attention with their technological features. This type of compensators, which are used in pipelines carrying hot and cold fluids, eliminate the dimensional changes that occur with expansion or contraction. It is possible to state that the compensators are very important as they prevent the pipelines from failing.