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Flow Meter

Product description

It is used to measure whether the pump provides the desired flow rate in certain periods in pumps. The flow meter is usually mounted between the check valve and the OS&Y valve in the pump discharge lines. Flow meter diameter is determined according to the pump flow rate.

Flow meter is instruments used in fire pumps that measure whether the pump provides the desired flow. It is very important that the liquid is at a certain pressure value in water extinguishing systems. Coming to the determined pressure values of the liquid ensures that the water performs the spraying and extinguishing function. For this reason, flow meters or flow meters have a special system.

Flow meters are designed to operate effectively. In addition to the instantaneous flow information of liquids, pressure values and total flow are measured by the flow meter. Thanks to its features, flow meters have a wide range of uses.

What is Flow Meter and What Does It Do?

The flow meter used in the pumps is used to measure whether the pump reaches the desired flow rate within certain periods. The product, which draws attention with its features that enable a systematic use, has a special place especially in fire equipment. In fire extinguishing systems, the liquid must reach a certain pressure value in order to have spraying and extinguishing functions.

Otherwise, spraying and extinguishing functions cannot be realized. Flow meters used to prevent this from happening measure the fluids in a fluidized installation in terms of quantity / time. It provides an effective use by acting according to its basic working principle.

What is Flow Meter?

Flowmeter, which has a wide range of uses, is an equipment used to measure how many liters of water passes through the system in a certain period of time, with what pressure. They are meticulously produced as they are of vital importance in fire extinguishing systems. If the liquid in the extinguishing system does not reach the desired pressure value, the water cannot perform the spraying and extinguishing function.

This makes an effective extinguishing impossible during a fire. For this reason, flow meters are highly needed, especially in fire extinguishing systems. The product, which is easily assembled, goes through a meticulous production process. Care must be taken in the manufacture of each part, as any error in the system may cause the fire suppression to fail.

What Does Flow Meter Do?

Flowmeter is a tool with innovative and technological features. The product, which is preferred in gaseous and water extinguishing systems, serves to measure the flow of the fluid passing through the system at a certain time. The fact that it is important for the fluid to reach the determined flow level shows that there is a great need for flow meters.

Flow meters, which can be named differently, are also used to improve the precision of liquid measurement. The fact that it has a wide usage area shows that it was produced in a way to obtain many functions. Flowmeters have specific units of flow measurement. These units can be listed as follows:

  • In cubic meters / hour
  • In liters / seconds
  • In liters / minute
  • In cubic meters / minute
  • In kg / minute
  • In kg / hour

It measures the flow of liquid or gas in the system over its flow values. Provides detailed information on this.

Where is Flow Meter Used?

Flowmeter used in many different systems has innovative and technological features. It also works through the system it has. It is generally used in devices such as heat exchangers, pumps, compressors. Flowmeter, which is preferred in many areas where liquids and gases are involved, is a product that draws attention in many sectors, including production and repair.

Since it has a very important function, its production must be carried out meticulously. Especially in fire extinguishing installations, it is preferred for effective fire extinguishing.