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IFHT Series Jet Fans

IFHT Series jet fans have induction feature. Jet fans, which enable the air to be activated without the need for any air duct, provide a high level of air circulation, especially in low ceiling areas. The most basic function of these fans is to create low air pressure and allow the gases in the environment to escape. The gases in question may be exhaust gas, smoke or similar volatile components. The fact that jet fans have this function has caused them to be widely preferred especially in closed areas such as parking lots. Another important reason why jet fans are preferred is that they provide advantages in many aspects.

What is the IFHT Series Jet Fans and What It Does?

IFHT Series jet fans have been developed to save time and money. Unlike conventional air cleaning systems, jet fans do not have any grilles or air outlet ducts. In this way, businesses can start using the air cleaning system by including it in their service areas easily and comfortably as soon as possible.

Jet fans are also lower in cost than other air purification solutions. Another advantage of jet fans is that they provide intense energy savings. The high energy consumption required in other systems is not needed in jet fans. Therefore, the highest standard of efficiency is obtained with a lower energy.

What is IFHT Series Jet Fans?

IFHT Series is a type of air jet fan mostly used in closed areas with low ceilings. These jet fans, which have a very minimal structure, can be installed in a short time and made suitable for use. Another advantage of jet fans is that they have an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, it does not create a bad image in the environment and can adapt to the structural features of the environment.

The most prominent feature of the IFHT Series, which has a radial blade structure, is that it renews the ambient air without the need for an air duct. The jet fan, whose body is made of galvanized steel, has a structure that is resistant to impacts and deformations. Manufactured in accordance with ISO 1940-1: G 6.3 standards, the IFHT Series also promises superior protection with its wire mesh.

What the IFHT Series Jet Fans Does?

The IFHT Series jet fan has the function of air purification in closed areas with low ceilings, with 3 different models with 50, 75 and 100 N thrust. The electrical terminal boxes of jet fans, which promise many advantages with their qualities, have a structure resistant to a possible fire risk. Another function of jet fans is to provide air and smoke evacuation in case of fire.

It is extremely challenging to perform air evacuation in dense smoke formation caused by fire, especially in low ceiling areas. Jet fans, which do not have any grilles or air outlet ducts, significantly minimize the negative effects caused by fire by throwing out the dense smoke in the environment.

Where IFHT Series Jet Fans Are Used?

As mentioned, IFHT Series jet fans are most commonly preferred in indoor parking lots today. Since this type of parking lot has a low ceiling structure, it creates serious problems in terms of ventilation. Jet fans do not take up much space and allow the air to reach the desired standards in a short time.

Another area where jet fans are most commonly preferred today is tunnels. Also, the ventilation systems in the tunnels, which attract attention with their low ceiling structure, involve a high level of cost. Jet fans, on the other hand, have solutions that will enable the best control of the ambient air at low costs.