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Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve – These are systems that seal the fluid passage with a blade sliding perpendicular to the stainless passage direction and work effectively with sealing properties. The system basically has two sealing rings. Between these rings there is a slider that slides Decently. The fact that the slider performs its function allows the system to work in a systematic way. Ball valves are used in places that are constantly opened and closed, and sliding valves with blades offer a very effective use. In addition, they are equipped with a sealing feature, making it possible to use them smoothly in different areas. So what is a stainless valve-blade sliding valve, what are its features, in which areas is it used?

Gate Valve with Blade – What is Stainless?

It is one of the types of valves that are highly resistant to corrosion. There are two sealing rings inside the system. In order to ensure the passage of the fluid, the blade or slide located between the two rings opens and closes Decently in the direction of passage. It is recommended to use them fully open or fully closed.

Gate Valve with Knife – What are its Stainless Features?
All of the features of stainless steel blade gate valves enable them to be used effectively. These features are as follows in general outline:

The gate valve with a blade that closes the flow section promises a very effective use with 100% sealing properties.
There are two different types of manual (flywheel) and pneumatic piston.
Stainless valve-blade gate valves, which have many different fields of use, provide an effective use, especially in wastewater areas. Corrosion is quite important in such areas. The gate valves with blades made of stainless steel offer an effective solution against corrosion.
Designed in a very systematic way, the blade gate valves are designed to be opened and closed slowly so that they can be protected against the effects of water ram impacts.
It does not need frequent maintenance because it has a very special structure.
It provides a trouble-free use with its blade made of acid-resistant stainless steel.
In Which Areas Is It Used?
Knife Gate Valve – Stainless Steel has a wide range of uses. Thanks to its technological features and structure that provides effective use, the areas where the knife gate valve is used, which provides trouble-free use, are as follows:

Petrochemical industry
Sludge liquids
Paper industry
Water treatment plants
Sea water applications
Power plants
Waste, hot and cold water
Fibrous fluids in industrial applications
Pumping stations
The body of the product is GGG40, the gasket is EPDM, the maximum operating temperature is 120 ° C, the maximum operating pressure is PN10 / PN16, the blade is AISI304, AISI316; EN 1092-2 / ISO 7005-2 – PN10, the connection type is WAFER / LUG flange connection.

The system, which has a highly successful sealing property, provides an effective and innovative use because it provides low pressure loss. It also saves space. In this way, it is often preferred. The fact that it has a high-performing structure makes it possible to use it in different areas. In addition, it provides long-term use.