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Limit Rod Earthquake Compensator

Limit Rod Earthquake Compensator; Limit Rod Earthquake Expansion Joints are tension elements used in piping systems that prevent situations such as tension and rupture that may occur in pipelines within its flexible structure in case of building mobilization or building collapse. There are two bellows in this type of compensators. Both bellows provide absorption of lateral movements and axial movements.

It is produced with expansion values to absorb lateral movements of 50, 100, 150, 200 mm as standard. It is also observed that special production is carried out for different expansion values. Limit rod earthquake compensators have control rods.

What is Limit Rod Earthquake Compensator and What Is It For?

The limit rod earthquake compensator, which is among the expansion elements, is a type of compensator that provides the elimination of lateral deviations caused by the system movements in the pipelines.

  • Too much lateral movements for a single axial expansion element,
  • Such compensators are needed when the amount of lateral forces on the connection pipes is limited to a certain extent.

Two bellows are used in compensator production. These bellows are separated from each other by the main port. The product, which has the power to absorb wide lateral movements, has a wide usage area. In the event of a possible earthquake, it provides the protection of pipelines. It makes it possible to protect the system from such lateral movements by working with high performance.

What is Limit Rod Earthquake Compensator?

The specially manufactured limit rod earthquake compensator is one of the expansion elements that provides protection of the system in case of building movements or collapses. The compensator, which is placed in predetermined places in the pipe systems, prevents high lateral movements.

The basic operating principle is to absorb angular rotations, lateral studs and axial movements. For this reason, each of the materials used during production makes it possible to use the product for a long time. Since the preferred standard material in the product is st 37 carbon steel, it is known that the resistance level of the product is high.

What is the Use of Limit Rod Earthquake Compensator?

The earthquake compensator with limit rod, which is evaluated in the dilatation compensator category, are the parts placed at the dilatation transition points in piping systems. With its double bellows structure, it prevents independent movements brought about by different masses sitting on the ground. In addition, it absorbs vertical and horizontal movements brought to the system by all kinds of ground movements.

As they have a simple design, the assembly phase is also very easy. In addition, it makes cost savings possible with its low cost structure. By preventing large lateral movements, it takes the stress that may occur in the system and ensures the safety of the system. For this reason, it is possible to say that they are used especially in building designs.

It differs from other compensators due to its connection types. But the basic working principle of compensators is similar. The product, which is easily assembled, makes it possible to use it comfortably.

Where is Limit Rod Earthquake Compensator Used?

The limit rod earthquake compensator, which ensures that the pipelines are kept safe in case of a possible earthquake, draws attention with its wide area of use. The usage areas of the expansion element, which includes many features, are as follows:

  • Hot and cold water systems
  • Storage tanks
  • Fuel tanks
  • Underground and aboveground lines
  • Dilatation points at building transitions
  • Fire circuits

Such compensators provide effective protection of the system in cases where high lateral movements occur. Therefore, it is very important that it is produced meticulously. Although it is usually produced from carbon steel, it is also observed that it is optionally produced from stainless steel.

Although it is produced in a certain standard, it can also be produced in larger sizes upon request. In such cases, it is necessary to determine the area where the product will be used.

For the selection of expansion joints larger than Ø250 mm, please contact our technical service.

Standard connection material is st37 carbon steel. Optionally, it can be manufactured according to AISI304, AISI316 stainless steel or other requested materials.


  • Corrugation Material:AISI304, 316, 316L, 321, 309, 310
  • Flange Material:st37-2, AISI304, 316
  • Limit-Rod Material:st37-2, AISI304, 316