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Radiator Valve Corner

Radiator Valve Corner These are the valves to adjust the temperature of the corner radiator. In order to adjust the desired room temperature, it is possible to look at the scales on the radiator and make the adjustments according to these scales. Corner radiator valves are mounted on the corners of radiators. In this way, it does not take up space and can be used comfortably.

When the pin on the corner radiator valve is pushed slowly, the flow of water slows down. This prevents unnecessary heating of the radiator. This type of valve, which makes it possible to adjust the temperature effectively, is installed on the hot water inlet. Installation in the correct flow direction is very important for the system to work smoothly. For this reason, meticulous work should be exhibited during the assembly phase.

What Is a Radiator Valve Corner and What Does It Do?

Radiator valve corner, which is produced according to DN15 production standards, is a product that incorporates innovative features. Its design is made according to TS 579 standards. Corner radiator valves, which can be used both horizontally and vertically, are produced from MS58 quality brass.

Thanks to their properties, they show a high performance at low temperatures. These types of valves, which are used to bring the room temperature to the desired level, are mounted with the connections located in the corner parts. For the desired room temperature, the pins on the valve are rotated slowly so that a proportional movement is possible. Thus, it is possible to reduce the water flow and adjust the temperature of the radiator.

What is Radiator Valve Corner?

Radiators are products used to meet the heating need. One of the most important parts used to provide the radiator temperature in radiators, which are formed by the combination of different parts, is the radiator valves. The radiator valve is integrated into the system with the connection point located in the corner.

Such valves are basically similar to angle valves. Corner radiator valves, which are generally preferred in narrow spaces, make it possible to save space. It is possible to state that they are mounted parallel to the wall and facing inwards. It is possible to make effective temperature adjustments for the radiator.

What Does a Radiator Valve Corner Do?

Radiator Valve Corner is one of the valve types used when space saving is required. We can say that corner radiator valves have the following features in general terms:

  • It has the features to be used in both horizontal and vertical positions.
  • Space-saving as they can be mounted parallel to the wall.
  • The pipe thread length to be connected to the valve must be shorter than the valve thread length.
  • Before assembly, residues such as dust, sand, sawdust in the installation must be cleaned and assembly should be carried out after this process.
  • Linen or excessive Teflon should not be used on the connection threads.
  • In the scope of correct assembly, the record part must first be mounted on the installation.

Corner radiator valves, which are one of the most important parts of the radiator with their innovative features, also make easy use possible. For this reason, it is possible to state that the usage area is wide and that such valves are needed especially in narrow areas.

Where is the Radiator Valve Corner Used?

Radiator Valve Corner usage areas are as follows:

  • Industrial applications
  • Radiators
  • Heating systems

Radiator valves are needed in this and similar areas. Although there are many types of radiator valves, it is possible to state that corner radiator valves are often preferred. Because such valves are mounted parallel to the wall, they do not occupy extra space.

For this reason, corner radiator valves are generally used to save space in residences. Thanks to the radiator valves, the temperature of the radiator can be brought to the desired level. Thus, the temperature of the environment is reached to the desired temperature level. In this context, it is possible to state that radiator valves are one of the most important parts of heating systems.


Design TS 579
Connection Thread EN ISO 228-1
Tests TS 579
Marking EN 19


Radiator valves must be installed in the correct flow direction.
Before assembly, residues such as sawdust, sand, dust and stones in the installation should be cleaned.
It can be used in horizontal and vertical positions.
FAF branded brass products made of MS58 quality brass. It has high durability and impact resistance at low temperature.
The pipe thread length to be connected to the valve should be shorter than the valve pipe thread length.
Excessive use of Teflon and linen on the connection threads should be avoided.
First, assemble the record part to the installation. Strictly tighten the valve from the union part. Assembly should not be done by squeezing from the body.



  • Hot water
  • radiators
  • Industrial Applications
  • HEAT
  • +80 °C