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Rising Spindle Gate Valves

Rising Spindle Gate Valves; Rising Shaft Gate Valves are a type of valve used as a regional control valve. It separates the zones in the region from each other and has the function of a shut-off valve in the water supply lines. The flap, which is called the slider in the system, moves with the worm screw shaft in the vertical plane. In this way, it gives way to the fluid in the system and stops the flow with its working principle.

Such valves can be fitted with a monitoring switch and thus electrical monitoring can be performed. It is in the gate valve category and draws attention with its wide usage area. It provides maximum level of impermeability thanks to its rubber coated slider. It is known to generate less hydraulic loss compared to butterfly valves.

What Are Rising Spindle Gate Valves and What Does It Do?

Working in conjunction with a supervisory switch, Rising Stem Gate Valves are a product used for shut-off or control purposes. Such valves, which can also be defined as regional control valves, are used in sprinklers in fire equipment. It has a sliding flexible wedge structure. It is very easy to use and has a structure that allows long-term use.

The stem part of the rising stem slide valves with different connection types is made of stainless steel. In this way, rust does not occur in the shaft part over time. It is known that cast iron is generally used in the slide part. It is mostly preferred at the points where gas and powder extinguishing is applied.

What are Rising Spindle Gate Valves?

Rising Shaft Gate Valves do not disrupt the flow in any way when they are in full flow position. It is a type of valve whose open position can be monitored by moving the shaft up and down. The difference from the butterfly valve is that it can create a lower pressure loss. The opening and closing operations of the product are carried out by the screw shaft in the body.

The sealing level is high, sealing is provided by rubber coated slider. Such valves are mostly preferred in fire installations. It can be used very easily in terms of its working principle. In addition, each of the materials preferred during manufacture makes it possible to use them for a long time.

What Do Rising Spindle Gate Valves Do?

Rising Spindle Gate Valves have special functions. Thanks to the mechanism inside, it gives way to the fluid and stops the flow. It can operate smoothly either fully open or fully closed. This indicates that rising stem gate valves have a wide range of uses. The product has many innovative features, one of which is maintenance-free.

Some of the remarkable features of such valves, which can be used in different areas, can be listed as follows:

  • It is not used for control purposes and flow settings.
  • Sealing is provided by rubber coated slider.
  • They can be used in fully open or fully closed position. It does not disrupt the flow in the fully open position.
  • The open position of the system can be monitored by moving the shaft up and down.
  • Electrical monitoring is possible when the monitoring switch is installed.
  • It is separated from butterfly valves thanks to its lower pressure loss.
  • There is a screw shaft in the body and the valve is brought to the open and closed positions thanks to this shaft.

Where Are Rising Shaft Gate Valves Used?

Rising National Gate Valves is a product that can be preferred in many areas thanks to its innovative features. This product, which is generally used in fire installations, separates the inner zones from each other, that is, controls them. These types of valves, which are used in areas where dust and gas extinguishing are applied, have the feature of being a functional product.

It has a long service life thanks to its innovative design and the quality of the materials used in production. It is also known that it makes a comfortable use possible as it does not require maintenance.


Product description

Rising stem gate valves; It is a slide valve type that does not disturb the flow in its fully open position, whose open position can be monitored with the up and down movement of the shaft, and electrical monitoring can be made by attaching a monitoring switch. They create lower pressure loss than butterfly valves. Thanks to the screw shaft mounted inside the body, the valve is opened and closed by moving the slider up and down. Sealing is provided by a rubber-coated slide. It is used in fire installations. It is not used for control purposes and flow adjustment.

Production Dimensions: 2” (50 mm) – 10” (250 mm)