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Sidewell Sprinkler

Sidewell Sprinklers are the most important elements of fire extinguishing systems. This sprinkler, which has a very common usage area today, has the task of sprinkling in the event of a fire. It is also referred to as a wall sprinkler. It is the most preferred fire extinguishing solution especially in hotels, residences, dormitories and similar areas. Sidewell Sprinkler, which is mostly developed with the capacity to affect at two speeds, has two different models. They can be categorized in two ways as standard response sprinklers and fast sprinklers. The fact that Sidewell Sprinkler has a low space requirement and produces an effective solution has caused it to be widely used in different areas of the construction industry.

What is Sidewell Sprinkler and What It Does?

Sidewell Sprinklers are fire solutions that can sprinkle in two different ways, vertical or inclined. The most basic feature of Sidewell Sprinkler, which is one of the most important components of fire alarm systems, is its instant response capacity. These sprinklers are often integrated into the construction site with the help of small diameter thin pipelines.

The surface structures are chrome plated, preventing the corrosion problem from occurring. This sprinkler, which is highly resistant to possible deformations from the outside, is suitable for use in living areas where dense populations coexist. Sidewell Sprinkler has a unique working principle and has been specially developed to take action in fire situations.

What is Sidewell Sprinkler?

Sidewell Sprinklers are fire extinguishing system parts that have the task of intervening in the event of a fire. These sprinklers, also known as wall sprinklers, can provide horizontal or vertical water flow thanks to their special structures. The fact that it is very simple to use, easy to install and saves on many issues are the main reasons for preference.

The working principle of Sidewell Sprinkler is based on leaving high pressure water on the flames caused by fire. When the fire system goes into alarm, the sprinkler explodes. This ensures a direct and uninterrupted flow of water over the fire area.

What Does Sidewell Sprinkler Do?

Sidewell Sprinkler, which provides very safe and easy use, is positioned on the area where protection against fire is desired. The most basic function of the sprinkler here is to distribute the water. This sprinkler, which is the most important part of fire systems, plays a role in transmitting the liquid over the fire area.

The most basic function of Sidwell Sprinkler on the fire extinguishing system is to transfer the water contact to the fire area by exploding in the event of a fire. In this direction, it is also possible to mount Sidewell Sprinklers in different ways. According to the modeling in the piping, the detector part of the sprinkler can be positioned to look down or to the side.

Where is Sidewell Sprinkler Used?

Sidewell Sprinkler has a very wide usage area recently. Many construction projects today have structural features for which Sidewell Sprinklers can be used. Especially in multi-storey buildings and areas with high population density, Sidewell Sprinklers can be preferred. Sprinklers can be used in all kinds of structures, especially in multi-storey vertical structures.

The areas that are widely used today are areas such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, residences, hotels and accommodation facilities. Fire safety must be provided at the highest standard in these buildings, where high human populations coexist. At the same time, fire response speed is as important as fire safety in such structures. Therefore, it is normal for Sidewell Sprinklers to be used as a fire extinguishing solution in the specified living areas, since their effect times are fast.