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Silent is an axial fan type ventilation solution. Silent, which is also the name of a series, has three different models. These models differ according to their diameters and all have the same standards. It can produce 95, 180 and 280 flow rates, which are three models of the series. The main advantage of the series is that it can work very quietly. Working with a very small decibel value of 26.5, these fans promise an extraordinary isolation in the environment. Axial fans, which can be easily mounted on ceilings or walls, can also be installed on glass surfaces with the help of special equipment. If this ventilation solution is preferred on glass surfaces, a specially developed fixing device must also be purchased.

What is Silent and What It Does?

Silent is a special series developed within the scope of axial fan solutions. Having a Class B power consumption standard, the series also promises a high standard of energy savings. The most basic complaint from users about axial fans is the intense noise pollution. The motors in the models in the series are positioned on wedges with elastic structure and anti-vibration quality.

Thanks to this feature of the axial fans in the series, the sound level is kept at a very low level. Thus, there is no noise in the environment and vibrations created by the engine are not felt. There are two different models in the series, one with a timer and one with a humidity sensor. One of the two models can be preferred according to the needs or usage areas.

What is Silent?

Silent is a series of axial fans manufactured using the plastic injection method. Today, the most preferred fan type within the scope of ventilation solutions is axial fans. Axial fans, unlike radial fans, transmit the compressed air they create to the environment in the axial direction. Therefore, axial fans are suitable for many innovations within the scope of ventilation and air conditioning solutions.

Another distinguishing feature of axial fans is the low power transmission mechanism energy demand. Thus, it promises energy savings. In addition, axial fans are also suitable for use within the scope of smoke evacuation and cooling solutions in case of a possible fire. It is also possible to use axial fans to provide flammable and explosive air transfer.

What Does Silent Do?

Silent has the function of transforming the ambient air practically with its very quiet structure. It provides extremely fast air circulation and all models in the series have the ability to operate up to 40 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is possible to choose the fans in the series in air conditioning solutions in order to meet the cooling demands.

These fans, which also have the feature of not letting in the possible polluted air that may come from the ducts, do this with back-flow valves. Thus, clean air is preserved in the most sterile way. The fans in the series are designed in accordance with P45 standards. In this respect, they have a structure that is resistant to water splashes and contact.

Where is Silent Used?

Silent is the air conditioning solution that appeals to the widest range of uses. It can be used comfortably in almost every living space. In addition to saving space, it promises very effective results in terms of functionality compared to its competitors. In addition, thanks to its silent feature, it provides the highest standard of sound insulation in living spaces, making it possible to use it.

Axial fans, which can be used in small areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and toilets, are also suitable for use in industrial facilities. It can clean the air quickly, especially in areas where explosive and flammable materials are concentrated. At the same time, axial fans can be preferred in cooling towers or areas with high dust formation. Thanks to its fast evacuation feature, the environment is cleaned from dust and smoke very quickly.