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Slot Diffuser

The Slot Diffuser is a part that can be used in almost every area of air conditioning. This part, which has the task of optimizing the air distribution, also has the function of adjusting the air flow. Therefore, it can be said that the Slot Diffuser has a very critical task in air conditioning solutions. This part, which enables the system to work in accordance with its purposes, has a long and thin structure.  The fact that its design has an aesthetic structure compared to other diffusers makes it possible to use it decoratively in living spaces. Especially in central heating or cooling solutions, Slot Diffusers are widely used.

What is a Slot Diffuser and What It Does?

Slot Diffuser is a part of air conditioning systems, also known as “Linear Slot Diffuser”. In central systems, the task of this part is to distribute the air in the building. It performs this task using metal channels. The working principle of the diffuser is to transfer the air in one room to other rooms with the help of different terminals.

Thus, the air flow is improved and it has the requested standard. It is also possible to use this function of the Slot Diffuser in heating and cooling solutions. The centrally produced cold or hot air can be distributed to different channels with the help of terminals. Diffusers often have adjustable blades to distribute the air they receive from the center. These blades ensure that the air can be controlled and distributed in the most appropriate way according to the demands in line with the initiative.

What is Slot Diffuser?

Slot Diffuser is a widely preferred ventilation solution especially in the construction industry. These pieces, which are mostly positioned on ceilings, are also suitable for drywall and walls if requested. It is also possible to position the diffuser in one of the floor areas if requested. Having a wide range of uses is the most important reason why the Slot Diffuser is often preferred.

The most important advantage of the Slot Diffuser is that its design has a more efficient structure compared to conventional diffusers. While oval and round designs are applied in traditional designs, this design may prevent the piece from being positioned properly in the room. The situation is different with the Slot Diffuser. Its thin and long structure enabled it to be used in every field in terms of aesthetics.

What Does a Slot Diffuser Do?

The Slot Diffuser has a suitable design for making vertical and horizontal shots. Complying with ETIAL – 60 standards, the diffuser offers attractive advantages to the user in terms of coloring as well as design. If desired, it is possible to paint with electrostatic powder paints.

Slot Diffusers are the most preferred among diffusers due to their paintability, easy adaptation to the environment and ease of use. However, it is possible to say that it is a little more costly than other diffusers. Slot Diffusers have models consisting of 1, 2, 3 or 4 slots. It is possible to obtain the most efficient solution for air conditioning by choosing the number of slots according to the needs.

Where to Use Slot Diffuser?

The Slot Diffuser is suitable for use in almost any area where there is a demand for air conditioning. In order to obtain the most efficient shot standard from the diffuser, attention should be paid to the area where it is located. Possible problems can be solved with various additional applications in the assembly process. It is most commonly installed using plenum boxes.

While plenum boxes provide the most efficient shooting characteristics, they also have an effect on isolation. In addition, the flaps used in addition to these boxes make it possible to easily adjust the diffuser. Boxes made of galvanized sheet can also be preferred in order to provide more effective sound insulation during the assembly process of Slot Diffusers. These boxes will protect the acoustics while providing effective sound insulation.