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Swing Check Valve-Flanged

Swing Check Valve-FlangedProduct Description

While allowing the liquid to pass in the direction of its flow, it prevents the flow of water in the opposite direction. The flap is manufactured to be closed by its own weight or by a weight mechanism. It is used especially in pumping facilities to prevent backflow in case the pump fails. It can be used in hot and cold water facilities, all kinds of non-acidic fluids.

  • Production Dimensions: Ø50-Ø250 (2”-10”)
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 80℃ (176℉)
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 16 bar (230 psi)
  • Body: Cast Iron (GG25)
  • Coating: Epoxy Electrostatic
  • Dimensions: DIN 3202/2-F6
  • Flange Dimensions: DIN 2501 (Flange)TS ISO 7005-2i

Swing Check Valve Flanged are the valves used especially in pumping systems to prevent backflow of water in case the pump fails. These valves, which have many types, have the feature of breaking the back resistance while keeping the water flowing in the direction of flow. Thus, the fluid moves in a single direction and does not move backwards. The main task of the swing check valves is to prevent the backflow of water regardless of its type and to ensure that the liquid moves in a single direction. The flanged connection form means that two circular components are connected to each other in a special way. Therefore, swing flange check valves have the task of ensuring that the installation is connected to each other in a leak-proof manner.

What is Swing Check Valve Flanged and What It Does?

Swing Check Valve Flanged ensures that the liquid is transmitted in the usual flow direction. It also prevents backflow in the opposite direction of the flow. Therefore, flanged swing check valves have been developed to allow fluid to flow in only one direction. Thanks to its flanged connection, it does not contain any structural problems such as sealing.

Swing flanged check valves are widely preferred today, especially in pumping plants. It is of vital importance that the fluid flow is in a stable position in such facilities. Swing flanged check valves keep the water flowing in one direction and prevent backflow in case of pump failure.

What is Swing Check Valve Flanged?

Swing Check Valve Flanged is a type of valve that ensures that all kinds of non-acidic liquids move in one direction in the system and prevent backflow. Swing check valves with flanged connection structure can be mounted horizontally or vertically if desired.

The working principle of the swing flanged check valve is based on the position of the flap inside the valve. The flap inside the valve is usually produced to be closed with its own weight or with the help of an external weight mechanism. The position of the flap is such that it prevents the return of water. At the same time, the position of the flap is such that it can achieve movement in one direction.

What Does Swing Check Valve Flanged Do?

Swing Check Valve Flanged is an auxiliary equipment that is widely used especially in hot and cold water facilities. Swing check valves, which ensure that the installation can be used in accordance with its purpose, completely prevent the back flow of the liquid. While choosing a check valve, it is necessary to pay attention to many different points and to make sure that the right type of check valve is preferred.

At this point, the most important situation when choosing a check valve is the connection type. Check valves suitable for the connection of the installation should be directed. At the same time, the diameter of the pipes in the installation is another important issue that should be considered when choosing a check valve. In order for the assembly to be completed without any problems, the check valve and the installation must be of the same diameter.

Where is Swing Check Valve Flanged Used?

Swing Check Valve While choosing between flanged check valve types in general, many points should be considered. Swing flanged check valves can be preferred to adjust the flow level of all kinds of liquids that do not have acidic properties. Swing flange check valves can be preferred in all types of areas such as hot and cold water plants, pumping plants and pumping installations. They are also suitable to be preferred for regulating water flow in fire extinguishing systems.

It is possible to benefit from these check valves in the demands that the water flow is maintained in one direction and no flow occurs in the opposite direction. Swing flanged check valves, which can operate at temperatures up to 80 degrees, are made of epoxy electrostatic material. The body of flanged swing check valves is made of casting. It can be used safely, although it is leakproof.