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TGT Series

TGT Series is an air conditioning solution designed using wide blades for a much more effective pressure. The series, which has a wide variety of models, has remarkable properties against corrosion. Its body made of galvanized steel prevents corrosion. Therefore, it is possible to use the models in the series for a much longer time and without any problems. Another feature of the axial fans in the TGT series is that they have an adjustable blade structure.  All models in the series consist of cast aluminum fan blades. These wings are provided on the principle of being compressed and fixed on the steel core. All models in the series, which have a minimal structure, are also very easy to install and use.

What is the TGT Series and What It Does?

TGT Series are axial fans with high durability. The parts of all models in the series, which have a wide variety of models, are detachable. Therefore, it is possible to make maintenance and cleaning easy. Again, all of the models can be preferred as long or short bodied according to usage areas or demands.

In long body models, the electrical junction box is located in the upper part of the body. The standard design has been adopted for the short-bodied models. The engine proficiency of the series is also at a very satisfactory level. Although the motor power varies according to the models, 6, 4 or 2 pole three-phase motors are preferred. In addition, there are double-speed engines in the series.

What is TGT Series?

TGT Series is a cylindrical body axial fan developed within the scope of ventilation solutions. Having a wide blade structure design, the series provides much more efficient and high pressure air. The design of all models in the series has been created with the smallest detail in mind and it is aimed to obtain the highest level of efficiency from the system.

In the series, which hosts an aerodynamic engine carrier where the engine is positioned, even the engine carrier has an extra task. The carrier’s design and structural features make air passage more comfortable and efficient. The carrier, which is made of steel sheet, is offered with diameters ranging from 400 to 800 mm.

What the TGT Series Does?

The TGT Series is a highly functional product as it has wings with different amounts and adjustable features. More than one blade can be preferred in line with the demands. At the same time, these wide-angle wings have an adjustable feature. Therefore, it is possible to position the blades at an appropriate angle in line with the needs and to obtain the highest standard according to the compressed air requirement.

All motors used in the series have IP55 protection. All models are resistant to water sprays and dust. The cylindrical structure of the models in the TGT Series also provides significant advantages in terms of design. All models that can easily adapt to their environment do not promise aesthetic incompatibility. Therefore, it is possible to use it easily and comfortably in any environment.

Where TGT Series is Used?

TGT Series has a cylindrical body structure. Therefore, it is suitable for use in any area where ventilation and fresh air are needed. Today, it is used in a wide range of areas, especially in residences and living spaces. The series, which is extremely easy to install, can be mounted by positioning it in horizontal or vertical positions according to demands and needs.


The TGT Series, which can be produced with a short or long body in line with the demands, can also be produced with a terminal box and maintenance cover according to the needs. The maintenance cover will enable device maintenance to be done much more effectively and easily. The terminal box, on the other hand, plays a very important role for easy management of the device.