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Wet Alarm Valve

Wet Alarm Valves are designed for frost-free wet applications. Pressurized water waiting in the installation is discharged with the sprinkler activated due to the fire. While the discharged pressurized water system is fed continuously, the delay cell is filled. The pressure alarm switch on the filled delay cell is triggered. The alarm status is transmitted to the automation system or the fire alarm system via the pressure alarm switch. With the trigger of the pressure switch, the water reaches the water motor gong and provides the mechanical alarm.

Wet Alarm Valve is a type of control valve and is used in wet pipe sprinkler systems to activate electrical and mechanical alarms as well as water flow. The alarm valve, which is used in wet applications where there is no danger of freezing, has innovative features. There is pressurized water in the system. Sprinklers activated in case of fire discharge the system.

It is possible to say that they stand out as one of the tools that enable early intervention during a fire. The system, which gives a mechanical alarm with the effect of water, is very useful as it does not require mechanical maintenance. In addition, it has the capacity to produce a high amount of sound. It has a very simple working principle and enables long-term use.

What is a Wet Alarm Valve and What It Does?

Wet Alarm Valve, which has innovative and technological features, is a kind of fire equipment. The control valve, which is designed to be used in wet type fire extinguishers, enables early intervention to the fire with its working principle. In general, it works through the steps that can be listed as follows:

  • Pressurized water is always supplied, and besides, the delay chamber is constantly filled.
  • With the filling of the cell, the pressure switch on the cell is triggered and systematic progress is achieved.
  • It provides access to the water gong with the pressure switch delivering alarm information to the automation system.
  • Then the fire is intervened by giving a mechanical alarm.

Pressurized water in the pipe section of wet type fire extinguishers systematically intervenes in the fire area as soon as the sprinkler is activated.

What is Wet Alarm Valve?

Wet Alarm Valve is a system that gives an alarm in case of fire. It provides loud alarm sounding and fire intervention. The system, which includes many features, draws attention with the following features:

  • The engine gong in the system warns the system by giving a mechanical alarm with the effect of water.
  • The delay time is used to prevent false alarms, allowing the alarm to sound at the right time.
  • The part that gives electrical information to the automation is the pressure switch. It has sensitive detection feature.

Wet alarm valves are found in wet type fire extinguishing systems. Such systems are connected to a water source. It has a pipe with water inside. Thus, at the time of fire, the sprinkler is opened and the water is transferred to the environment. Since there are wet alarm valves in wet type fire extinguishing systems, the system is activated in case of fire and a loud alarm sounds.

What Does a Wet Alarm Valve Do?

Wet Alarm Valve, which contributes to extinguishing the fire with its basic working principle, takes place in applications where there is no danger of freezing. Such valves, which are one of the parts of wet type fire extinguishing systems, give a mechanical alarm when the system is triggered in case of fire.

Thus, it prevents the fire from growing by providing timely response to the fire. Although there are different models, the basic working principle of each product can be summarized as giving an alarm in case of fire. This product, which attracts attention thanks to its features, also has a wide range of uses.

Where to Use Wet Alarm Valve?

Wet alarm valves are a preferred product in business and living areas. It is a part in the wet type fire extinguisher. Wet type fire extinguishers, which are usually installed in areas where there are no valuables, give an alarm in case of fire thanks to the Wet Alarm Valve.

Pressurized water in the system sprays water to the environment according to a certain eruption level for firefighting. In this way, it is seen that the fire can be intervened much more easily. In addition, the growth of the fire is prevented in this way.