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Katar ıslak alarm vanası

Qatar Wet Alarm Valve

Qatar wet alarm valve s are tools that are very effective in fires and work as an extinguishing system. Therefore, it is necessary to see the best operation of the valves in case of any fire. In order to achieve this, the areas of use and production method of the valves have an important place. The production and control of wet alarm valves should be done well in case they do not work in a possible situation.

The wet alarm valve may not work when the place where the wet alarm valve is installed drops below 4 degrees. For this reason, the environment should fall below 4 degrees. The alarm may not work because there may be freezing in the environments of these degrees. Attention should be paid to the area of use and existing safety precautions, and a wet alarm valve should be used. Qatar wet alarm valve consists of various parts. These equipment need to be warned as follows:

Qatar Wet Alarm Valve Body

The body of the wet alarm valves is required to store the trims and materials required for the other set. This body is needed for the records of the wet alarm valve. Although link links can be found, the structures of that link. They are even produced in a special way if requested. This body is important in order to fulfill the exact task of the valve.

Delay Cell

It is a part used for the rapid opening of the alarm valve. In other words, this tool is used for fast or early alarm valve operation. It has a very important place in alarm valve equipment.

Qatar Wet Alarm Valve Water Engine Gong

The water engine gong, which is a kind of bell, makes a very loud sound. Therefore, it is also possible to hear the sound of the fire alarm. Two types of engine gong are produced. The first wall-mounted method. People can mount this motor on the wall and in this way protect against fire. The other is the method that is mounted on the alarm body. Therefore, it can be used in both ways. It can be precautionary against fires by performing the assembly process for using persons. The water engine, which is one of the Qatar thin alarm valve equipment, is important.

Flow Switch

It is an equipment that can manage the alarm valve and work against all kinds of situations. It can operate at the specified pressure setting. In situations that need to rise or fall, the flow switch takes on the most important task. Therefore, it informs the pressure rise and fall and also serves to manage the alarm valve.

Pressure Switch

The pressure switch plays an important role in the dry, wet, dominant and pre-acting automatic sprinkler system. It informs by predicting the pressure drop or rise. Precautions are also taken by detecting and informing the status of the pressure. It is available in two models as air and water pressure switch. It is produced in an extremely suitable way to be used indoors and outdoors. Their working temperature, working pressure and connection are very important.

However, the purpose of serving in accordance with the purpose should be carried out in a good way. Otherwise, it may not inform the moment of fire or the pressure. In this case, results are achieved so that the correct intervention is not possible. The maximum pressure pressure is known as the range of 4 – 20 psi.

The wet alarm valve must maintain all kinds of conditions in terms of the areas where it should be used and the conditions that should be. Because it is important to consider them in order for the equipment to work in the most systematic way. Qatar wet alarm valve operates in such a way that all equipment does not disrupt the system. Govalf brand wet alarm valve is professionally produced by working in the earliest and fastest way in case of fire.

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