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TYPES OF STRAINER; Strainer Types are very common products. The strainer is one of the most important elements for the installation. For this reason, our Ada Valve strainer models are used by many sectors. Features such as the type of material used in the construction of the strainers that we produce, nominal diameter, nominal pressure, connection type vary. Thus, the strainers can be used with high performance for many years in installations of different structures.

Strainer is the installation equipment that filters and keeps the foreign materials that may be in the installation lines. While congestion in many pipelines and health-destroying practices in production may occur due to dirt, strainers prevent all these from happening. For this reason, the use of a strainer is very wide and is an indispensable element for many industrial systems.

Foreign materials in the fluid can damage valves and other equipment when circulating along the line. In fact, the line may become inoperable due to malfunctions. Both the repair costs and the loss of business due to the line stoppage are tiring for the budget. At this point, Ada Vana strainer products come into play and prevent all costs. With the help of its filter, it keeps foreign materials and ensures that other elements of the line are not damaged. Thanks to the strainer, the line is always clean and reliable. Production does not stop due to impurities, equipment does not deteriorate.

The function of strainers is to protect other equipment in the pipeline. Pumps, meters, control valves, regulators can work without interruption thanks to the strainer. The strainer ensures that the fluid in the process is constantly clean. The strainer is the equipment that filters the solid particles in the fluid in the pipeline through its filter and removes them from the line. The filtration filter can be perforated or wire mesh. This tool, which has a very simple working principle, is very important for the other equipment in the installation to work smoothly. Thanks to the strainer, many costs associated with malfunctions are saved.

Strainer Types

Strainers have a wide range of use in order to filter impurities in pipelines. It is the mechanical equipment used for the healthy and long-lasting operation of many equipment in the system (pump, water meters, control valves, etc.). It can be easily cleaned without disassembly and can be easily maintained.

1- Stainless Strainer

It is a product that stands out with its stainless strainer functionality and has a long service life. Thanks to its stainless structure, it can work with all types of fluids. There is no oxidation or wear on its body. It is used in many industries to keep dirty and foreign materials in pipelines.

Stainless strainer is one of the easiest ways to prevent pollution in pipelines. This product, which makes the pipeline in which it is used long-lasting, can be installed in various parts of the installations. In addition to all these plus features, its long-term use has made the stainless strainer indispensable for the industry.

2- Flanged Strainer

Flanged strainer models are useful products that can separate foreign materials in different types of fluids in various pipelines. The flanged strainer is in most industries because of its practical use. The only advantage of using a flanged strainer is that it separates impurities. Thanks to the flanged strainer, the equipment in the pipeline can work for many years without being damaged by the dirt.

3- Mud Type Strainer

The sludge type strainer is used to filter and separate the sludge contained in the fluid. It is important to use a strainer to prevent damage to equipment such as pumps, valves and meters due to sludge. Mud-type strainer, which has a very wide usage area, is a frequently used product for system health.

4- Y Type Strainer

Ada Valve Y-type strainer works seamlessly to protect process equipment at extreme temperature values between (-200 °C) and (+700 °C). Sectors using liquid, gas, steam, natural gas, hot water, LPG, fuel-oil type fluids are the areas where Y type strainer is frequently used. Thanks to the Y-type strainer, the passage of unwanted substances into the pipeline is prevented.

The product, which is filtered against foreign substances, is of great importance for other equipment in the installation. Thanks to the Y-type strainer, the process does not experience blockage or irregularity due to dirt. Strainers with a long service life also do not require frequent maintenance.

5- T Type Strainer

T type strainer is the installation element that separates the dirt, residue and other foreign particles in the fluids. It can be made of various materials such as cast iron, ductile steel, stainless steel, bronze. Depending on the installation, flanged, welded or threaded type can be preferred. T type flanged strainer models are the most preferred ones to protect other equipment in the system.

If the equipment in the installation will be damaged due to foreign substances in the fluid, the T type strainer is the easiest solution to take precautions. The user satisfaction of the product, which attracts attention with its affordable price, is quite high.

Strainer Types and Usage Areas

Strainers are used in a variety of liquid filtration applications to protect downstream process system components in many industries, including chemical processing, petroleum, power generation and marine. It is very common in water treatment applications where these filters are used to protect equipment that could be damaged or clogged by unwanted sand, gravel or other debris.

Strainers, which are preferred in order to prevent particle collection in pipe installations, are mostly used in heating systems today. It also has functionality in treatment waters. The following are examples of usage areas for these strainer types:

Heating-cooling lines,

food facilities,

chemical industry,

ship constructions,

paper mills,

Energy production,


petrochemical plants,

paper mills,

iron and steel factories,

Central heating,

tobacco factories.

Due to the diversity of industries and applications in which they are used, the materials and customization of these valves must be made on a case-by-case basis. For example, carbon steel does not do well at extremely high temperatures or pressures, so for steam or natural gas applications it is best to find a strainer made of chrome steel. Keeping features in mind when it comes to applications and industries will help ensure you get the most out of a strainer valve.

The strainer valve sits at the intersecting leg of the pipe and filters any liquid or gas that passes through the main conduit. It is usually made of perforated metal or wire mesh and has a variety of particle retention sizes attached to the filter to prevent “bypass”. It keeps pipeline residues such as lime and rust in pipelines and protects equipment and processes from their harmful effects. This reduces downtime and maintenance. For this reason, timely cleaning of the strainers ensures that they are in continuous operation. The strainer strainer or filter ensures that the flow is not blocked as long as it is cleaned regularly. How often it needs to be cleaned depends on the process and the materials being filtered. It can be cleaned by removing the drain plug on the cover.

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Moreover, in our sector where competition is increasing day by day, we have increased our quality and diversity with various products that we manufacture by following the technologies. In addition, we design, cast, manufacture, assemble, test and control the products we produce in our own facilities with our own expert team. Our priority is the peace and happiness of our customers. We serve our customers with the assurance of GoValf. With our understanding of safe, high quality, stable work and competitive prices, we are working with all our strength to be in cooperation not only for today but forever. The trust of our customers in us is our biggest capital. We continue to offer you the most affordable prices and the highest quality services by achieving a healthy cooperation with our suppliers, based on data and information, in harmony with customer requests with engineering solutions. In particular, we carry out the design, casting, production, assembly, testing and check-ups of the products we produce in our own facilities with our own experienced staff. In our sector, where the competition is increasing day by day, we have increased our quality and diversity with various products that we manufacture by following the technologies.