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Valve Types and Prices

Valve types and prices vary according to their usage areas. Today, valve types are used in many different fields, especially in natural gas and water installations. The most basic function of valves is to stop, limit or change the direction of the flow of factors such as water or gas. With these features, it is possible to use valves in almost every area. Although it is widely used in natural gas and water installations today, it has a wide range of uses from fire extinguishing systems to other areas where water flow is provided.


How Many Types of Valves Are There? Valve Types and Prices

Valve types differ according to their usage areas. Having a wide range of uses has led to the production of valves in different sizes and functions today. Valves are also categorized according to their functions. There are valve types that are resistant to different bar levels, as well as valves that are resistant to a certain amount of temperatures.

Valves can also be classified according to their diameters and dimensions. It is possible to find types of valves suitable for pipes of almost any diameter, which can be categorized according to the diameters of the pipes in the installation. Today, the most commonly preferred valve type according to its diameter is the valve type called 100 valve.

100 pcs Ball Valve Prices

100 ball valve prices vary according to model and casting forms. Valves of 100 are the most widely preferred valve group today. A ball valve is a type of valve that controls the pressure of the moving liquid in the installation with a special working principle. Ball valves are valves that are in the closed position when the valve has an angle of 90 degrees, as in conventional valves.

The most basic feature of ball valves is that they have a much safer structure compared to other valve types. Ball valves, which are ideal for long-term use, can be located in the installation in all living areas. Ball valves, which are mostly made of copper alloy, can be used in the following areas:


  • In water/drinking water installations in living spaces such as buildings;
  • In gas installations in living spaces such as buildings;
  • In industrial facilities

Especially in living areas where drinking water transfer is carried out, choosing ball valves will provide an important advantage in terms of health.

Water Valve Prices

Water valve prices also differ according to many determinants. Water valves are much less costly than natural gas valves. As there are many factors affecting the prices, when choosing a water valve, its suitability for the installation should be the first priority. Otherwise, it is extremely possible that the installation will be damaged in general.

It is possible to list the factors affecting the prices of water valves as follows:

  • Diameter;
  • Quality;
  • Production material;
  • Brand;
  • Function;
  • Usage area;

In addition to all these, the features of the valve also determine the prices. Water valves can have features such as full-pass and half-pass for drinking water.

Types of Water Valves

Water valve types are categorized according to many different components. Features such as the size, function, diameter and area of use of the valve determine its type. Valves can be broadly categorized as;


  • Valves according to the connection type and system;
  • Valves according to the position and movement of the on-off zone;
  • Valves according to the direction of water flow;
  • Valves according to mouth structure and diameter;
  • Valves according to their functions and usage areas;
  • Valves according to the type of production material;
  • Valves according to the structural features of the body;

Regardless of the type of valves, the suitability for the installation and intended use must be properly checked when choosing. To have detailed information about valve types and prices, you can contact Govalf or you can get information by examining our website.


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