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Valve Types and Prices

Valve Types and Prices

Valve Types and Prices; Valves are among the most important parts of the plumbing used for water supply systems. The product range; which we can divide into smart valves and classical valves; is mostly used as smart valves today. When it comes to valve types; Apart from water valves; natural gas valves are also used. In this context; Valves produced with smart techniques can prevent; danger by automatically stopping the water pressure in any trouble situation. Therefore; valves are one of the most important parts in both natural gas installation and water installation. You can also have an idea about our products by accessing the valve types suitable for your needs on our website.


Ball valves; one of the best quality valve types on the market; are classified with different numbers according to their sizes and transaction volumes. Ball valves; which are a type of valve that can control the flow through it and need a quarter-turn orifice ball for this; more preferred in the markets. The prices of ball valves; which offer a very long-lasting use; can be different to this extent. Ball valves are one of the most preferred valve types in terms of preventing pressure loss. In this way; the fluid allows the liquid to move along the line it is in without any pressure loss. In addition; ball valves can be easily preferred for gas and liquid installations.

In addition; they have a very useful structure with their maintenance-free features. In addition to all these; ball valves can be used easily at any point where it is necessary to cut off the flow in terms of water installation or natural gas installation. In this context; ball valves can be preferred in paper mills; petrochemical plants; food plants; hot or cold-water lines; ship constructions; pharmaceutical and chemical industry as well as many other areas.


Water valves are known as tools that provide the flow of water in the water pipe and cut the water at the point where it needs to be cut or change its direction. In addition; it is defined as the means that increase the pressure when the water pressure decreases; or provide the pressure reduction when the pressure is required to be reduced due to the excessive increase in pressure. In addition; the water valves used today can not only control the flow of water; but also the flow; pressure and the direction in which the water will flow. Water valves are called by different names according to their flow patterns and connection types. While the valves are shut-off valves and control valves according to the flow patterns; the valves are diversified as screwed; flanged; welded; compression; clamp-connected and brazed-connected valves according to the connection type.

In addition; according to the materials used; water valves can be diversified as metal and thermoplastic valves. In this context; the prices of the valves; which are named differently both according to their purpose of use and according to their connection; are also quite different according to the quality of the brand and model. Here; the most critical point in valve selection is to determine the need for a valve to be purchased. In this way; it will be possible to choose the most suitable valve for both the most affordable price and the need.


We actually mentioned water valve types in the previous title. However; there are so many types of valves that we should mention them under this title. Water valve types are also called by different names according to their body shape. Valves referred to as one-piece; two-piece; three-piece and multi-piece are commercially available. In addition; valves are also called by different names according to their usage areas. You can get information by examining the valves of temperature; pressure; discharge; mixing; closing; level adjustment; pressure reducing functions on our website.