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Islak Alarm Vanası

Wet Alarm Valve

One of the parts that ensure the efficient operation of wet type fire extinguishing systems is the wet alarm valve. The wet alarm valve ensures that the water, which gains pressure in the pipe, reaches the fire area without any problems in the event of a fire, if the water is above freezing temperature. These check valves, which are used to enable mechanical or electrical alarms to activate with the water flow from the wet pipe sprinklers, prevent the delay and enable the water flow to start.

Islak Alarm Vanası

Wet Alarm Valve Price

The most important part used to balance the water pressure in the wet fire extinguishing system and to ensure that the water flow in the sprinkler progresses smoothly is the wet alarm valve. When the wet alarm valves sprinkler is activated, the water is discharged in the fire area. Many users wonder about alarm valve prices, which prevent loss of life and property by providing safe use in areas such as shopping centers, schools, factories, warehouses, hospitals and residences. You can contact our company to have detailed information about wet alarm valve prices and products in order to protect the life and property of people, both in their own and collective living areas.

Fire Installation Materials

Fire installation materials constitute the most important building blocks that provide the formation of fire extinguishing systems. Fire installations are a system that must be used in all environments where people live today. This system, which prevents the risk of loss of life and property in the area where it is used, emerges thanks to the combination of some basic structures. The trouble-free and completeness of fire installation materials ensures that all processes such as firefighting, extinguishing, personal protection and rescue go smoothly. Fire hose, wet alarm valve, check valves, fire tube, fire valve, fire cabinet, butterfly valve or records constitute the fire installation materials.

Fire Pump Installation

Fire pump installation is one of the most important parts of fire systems. Fire pumps have a valuable task such as overcoming the water pressure to which the installation is connected in possible fire situations and giving the required flow of water to the desired area. The fire installation pump should be selected in accordance with the system design and should be designed considering the general standards. Calculating the details to the smallest detail and determining the installation pump in this context will ensure that the system works in the most efficient way.

Dry Alarm Valve

The dry alarm valve, which is used in dry type fire extinguishing systems, has a working mechanism like a wet alarm valve. Dry alarm valves are used in places with frost damage or in areas where the temperature is above seventy degrees. Dry alarm valves, which can be used in attics, shops, parking lots, warehouses or garages, are perfect for places where pipes and sprinklers may be exposed to freezing temperatures. In any adverse situation, the dry alarm valve, which ensures the sprinkler to operate without bursting, ensures the triggering of the pressure switch and the operation of the mechanical alarm.

Wet Alarm Valve Installation

Wet alarm valve, which is used in fire extinguishing systems, is an equipment used in shopping malls, warehouses, factories, residences, warehouses, high-rise buildings and living centers. Wet alarm valves, which prevent the negative effects that may occur against the possibility of freezing of water, are used to ensure that the water moves through the pipe with the correct pressure and gives an electronic or mechanical alarm. Wet alarm valve installation should be done by professional people in order to avoid any possible problems in the usage areas. In this context, our company provides services for you to receive the highest quality and safe service. You can contact our company in order to ensure that your living spaces and workplaces are protected in case of fire.


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