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FIRE EXTINGUISHING SYSTEMS Fire Extinguishing Systems are a necessity rather than one of the preferred approaches to ensure building and human safety today. Preparing for disasters such as fire plays an important role in minimizing possible risks, especially in areas with dense human and living populations. Flames developing with fire are not the only cause […]


SUPERSTRUCTURE BUILDING INSTALLATION Superstructure building installation is the whole of the works carried out during the construction phase of the buildings. Superstructure works, in which all kinds of installations needed in living spaces are designed, form the general lines of the building. The most important issue in the superstructure building installation is to ensure that […]


INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS These systems used in the production process may have different qualities in line with their structural features, functions, intended use and sectoral demands. Especially today, industrial systems can differ in terms of quantity within a very wide range. Industrial systems can be very complex and complex, as well as systems that consist of […]


Hydroelectric systems are systems that are used in the industrial field and mostly enable the electrical installation to produce energy functionally. Although it is mostly used in the industrial field, it is also possible to prefer hydroelectric systems to meet different demands. Basically, however, these systems are actively used in energy production. Produce energy with […]


INDUSTRIAL FACILITY PRODUCTS; Industrial plant products are all kinds of mechanical equipment that is needed in the industrial field and is a component of the production process. Especially in industrial facilities where the use of machinery is intense, some sectoral products are needed. The products used in the industrial field are of great importance in […]


Waste water treatment systems are systems that meet a very basic requirement today. The systems in question have a social and environmental mission, but they are also a necessity for facilities that provide production in the industrial field. Waste water of production facilities must be filtered to the extent required by the relevant laws. Waste […]