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Brass Swing Check Valve

DN15 → DN50
PN 16
Connection Thread EN ISO 228-1
Tests EN 12266-1
Marking EN 19


The MS58 brass disc placed vertically towards the flow direction on the sealing surface machined on the body provides 100% tight sealing with the fluid return force.
When the movement starts in the flow direction determined in the system, the disc rotates on the hinge axis with the fluid pressure and allows the flow.
It can be used in horizontal and vertical positions.
FAF branded brass products, produced from MS58 quality brass, have high durability and impact resistance at low temperatures.
When the flow stops, the disc is positioned again in the flow section and sits on the sealing gasket placed on the body.
It is designed to keep the pressure loss in the pipeline at a minimum.


hot and cold water
Heating Cooling
Residential and industrial applications
Compressed air installations


-10, +90 °C

Brass swing check valve is used to prevent the return of fluids in the system. In addition, such check valves are needed to provide ease of maintenance in the system. Since it is a one-way valve, the fluids in the system also move in a one-way manner. Equipment such as pumps and valves in an installation are protected by swing check valves.

The product, which offers a comfortable use with its basic working principle, also includes many features. Flow is allowed as the disc in the product rotates on the hinge axis with the pressure in the system. In the opposite case, back flow is prevented and problems in the system are prevented.

What is Brass Swıng Check Valve and What Does It Do?

The safety equipment that works with the disc mechanism and allows the flow in the system with the opening of the disc is called Brass swing check valve. The main factor in the proper closing of the check valve is that it is based on gravity and backflow. For this reason, check valves must be produced very meticulously.

Swing check valves, which can also be defined as a type of valve that provides one-way flow, act based on a very special working principle. The opening of the hinged discs in the check valves ensures the passage of the flow through the system. In the case of reverse flow, the discs close and reverse flow is prevented. It is possible to specify that the flow is provided in a one-way manner on the line where the check valve is attached.

What is Brass Swıng Check Valve?

Brass swing check valve is a product that allows fluids such as liquid or gas to move unidirectionally on the pipeline. They are very durable as they are made of brass material. Check valves, which are a mechanical control valve, are preferred in many areas. It is known that such products, which can withstand gravity and reverse flow, are used especially in industrial areas.

Check valves, which can also be used in home heating systems, can prevent vertical transfer. All of these and similar features make it possible to use check valves in a functional way. In addition, since the product has a long service life, it can be used for a very long time without any problems.

What is Brass Swıng Check Valve Good For?

Brass swing check valve, which is used to prevent backflow in pipelines, draws attention with its functional features. It is manufactured with quality materials and ensures that the installation is protected from backflows. In addition, the sealing level is quite high. Other features of the product are as follows:

  • Connection part is Threaded EN ISO 228-1.
  • It has EN 19 marking standard.
  • MS58 brass disc is located on the body. It can be used safely by providing 100% sealing with the return force of the fluid.
  • It keeps the pressure loss in the pipeline to a minimum.
  • The product shows high durability at low temperatures.
  • It is designed to be used in both horizontal and vertical positions.
  • When the movement starts in the flow direction, the disc rotates on the hinge and the flow is allowed. In backflows, the disc closes.

The product, which is used in many areas with each feature, makes it possible to protect the pipeline effectively.

Where is Brass Swıng Check Valve Used?

Çalpara Check Valve-Brass is one of the products with a wide usage area. Being made of brass material ensures that it has a long service life. Some of the areas where such products are used can be listed as follows:

  • Industrial areas such as power stations
  • House heating systems
  • Compressed air installations
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Pumps

Swing check valves, which attract attention with their innovative features, ensure that the flow in the system continues unidirectionally with their simple mechanism. The rotation and opening of the discs in the product allow the flow in the system. Otherwise, the flow is prevented from going backwards and the system works effectively.