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Swing Check Valve-Casting

DN40 → DN300
PN 10 – 16
Design EN 12334 / EN16767
Connection EN 1092-2 / ISO 7005-2 – Flanged
Face to Face EN 558 Series 48 / DIN 3202 F6
Tests TS EN 12266-1
Marking EN 19
Paint Electrostatic Powder Coating / FBE


With the start of movement in the flow direction defined on the system, the disc rotates the flow section around its axis and allows the flow to flow. It stops the flow when exposed to flow in the opposite direction.
Hard disk in the body located on the flow axis.
Sealing is provided by the metal seat surface. Rubber coated disc available. (Optional)
All exterior surfaces are primed and painted for corrosion resistance.
It can be made with a counterweight for precise flow control. (FAF2270K optional)
It can be mounted in vertical (vertical only) or horizontal (flap upright) applications.
It is designed with a focus on easy access for maintenance. By removing a few bolts, the throttle assembly, including the hinge and disc, can be removed from the body and serviced.
Zero body leakage prevents media loss and meets environmental regulations.
Installation should be done by paying attention to the flow direction on the product.


Room setup
Water treatment plants y Pump stations y Tanks
Seawater applications
power plants


+200 °C

Swing Check Valve-Casting; Casting swing check valve is a product that is preferred in different sectors and prevents the recoil of the fluid in the system. It is known that they are used in industrial areas as well as drinking water and waste water. It has a special mechanism, so that the fluid in the system moves in a single line on the determined direction.

The disc in the product rotates the flow section around its own axis. In this way, the fluid is allowed to pass. During a reverse flow, the flow is interrupted. This prevents the backflow of the flow in the system. Cast check valves, which have an important place for the system to run smoothly, have a wide usage area.

What is Casting Swing Check Valve and What Does It Do?

Casting swing check valve is a type of check valve introduced after an innovative production process. All outer surfaces of the product are primed. It has also been known to be painted for corrosion resistance. The sit surface ensures maximum sealing of the product. It is placed between the pipes in an installation, and with its basic working principle, the recoil of the fluid in the system is prevented.

It is generally recommended for small diameter lines. It is very easy to maintain. With the removal of the bolts on the product, the flap assembly is removed from the body and the product is maintained. It prevents media loss as it has zero body leakage. It also has a structure that meets environmental regulations.

What is Casting Swing Check Valve?

Having a wide usage area, casting swing check valve allows the fluid in an installation to move along the desired direction. Each piece in the assembly makes it possible for the fluid to go in a certain direction. Backflow problems are prevented from occurring within the system by preventing reverse flow.

Swing check valves, which have a disc moving on a shaft, move through a special system. The disc in the product opens in a way that enables the forward movement of the flow. If the flow stops, the disc sits on the seat surface and the flow is blocked. The basic working principle prevents the fluid from recoiling.

What Does Casting Swing Check Valve Do?

Casting swing check valve ensures that the fluid in an installation moves in a single direction. It is possible to observe that the system works much more effectively, since the recoil of the fluid is prevented. Cast check valves, in general, have the following features:

  • It has a metal sit surface, thus ensuring impermeability.
  • All surfaces are primed and painted for corrosion resistance.
  • During assembly, attention should be paid to the flow direction.
  • It is a product that can be mounted in both vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Media loss is prevented with zero body leakage.

Each of the specified features makes it possible for cast check valves to have a wide range of uses. For this reason, cast check valves with innovative features are preferred in many areas. In addition, it is possible to say that it has a long service life because it is designed with quality materials.

Where is Swing Check Valve-Casting Used?

Casting swing check valve which has a very wide usage area, prevents the recoil of fluids in the areas where they are used. The sealing level is quite high. In this way, it allows the system to work much more effectively. The areas where cast check valves are used can be listed as follows:

  • Pipelines
  • Room setup
  • Industry
  • Power plants
  • Water treatment plants
  • Sea water applications

Meticulously designed, incorporating advanced and innovative features, cast check valves are easy to install. During assembly, it is very important to pay attention to the flow direction on the product. Incorrect installation will prevent the equipment from operating correctly. It has a long service life, thus enabling long-term use.