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Azerbaycan ıslak alarm vanası

Azerbaijan Wet Alarm Valve

Azerbaijan wet alarm valve is water fire extinguishing systems with sprinklers in case of fires. It is suitable for use in these applications by paying attention to the freezing temperature of the water. Otherwise, the tool will not work against freezing and cannot serve its purpose. In the event of a fire, the sprinkler is activated. Here, it is aimed to get the most effective and fastest result against an important problem such as fire.

If the sprinklers are activated, the fire is intervened with water. In the event that human life is endangered by a fire, it takes the fire under control and eliminates possible situations. If water is delivered to the fire area, the fire is brought under control and the loss of life and property is minimized. For this reason, Azerbaijan wet alarm valve produces for fires in the most systematic way.

Azerbaycan ıslak alarm vanası

Wet Alarm Valve Advantages

As a wet type, one of the most important tools in terms of fire extinguishing system is the wet alarm valve. Because the sound it makes in order to inform people of the fire warns people in advance. Therefore, it becomes easier to change the course of the fire and to minimize the damage it may cause. In addition, thanks to the wet alarm valve, immediate intervention to the fire with water minimizes the necessity of manpower.

With the start of water flow, access to the fire area becomes easier with the contribution of the equipment. With this system, which is used for the elimination and elimination of fire, many fires can be prevented. Therefore, Azerbaijan wet alarm valve is a great advantage in places where people are more concentrated.

What are the Features of Wet Alarm Valve?

All the positive features of the wet alarm valve are made possible by the equipment of the valve. Because the equipment in the wet alarm valve works within a system. Thanks to the emergency discharge valve on the valve, manual opening and closing of the valve is provided.

Thanks to the valve mounted on the valve, the system works fully automatically. There is a mechanical relief valve at the entrance of the main valve. With all these features, water reaches the fire area in the fastest and safest way. If water reaches it, it becomes possible to eliminate the fire. Azerbaijan wet alarm valve performs the fastest and most effective function in terms of its features.

How Does the Wet Alarm Valve Work?

As long as the water pressure in the sprinkler system is equal to or more than the supply water pressure, the alarm valve is closed. If one or more sprinklers are opened, the wet alarm valve flap opens. Therefore, water flow starts to the system and to the place where the delay cell is located.

When the delay cell is completely filled, the water pressure and the water alarm gong are activated. After the fire is under control, the flow can be stopped by closing the water valve. The equipment in the wet alarm valve performs them in a systematic order.

How to Determine the Price of Wet Alarm Valve?

The most important criterion in determining the price of the wet alarm valve is of course quality and brand. Therefore, it should not be expected that every alarm valve will reflect the same price. Conditions such as the features, quality, function and usage area of the wet alarm valve affect the price. It is normal for people to turn to a better quality valve in order to get the best service.

The materials and materials used in the production of the wet alarm valve also have an impact on the price. Therefore, each wet alarm valve comes in different types, production style, quality and price. Azerbaijan wet alarm valve takes the fire under control in the fastest way so that people do not have to worry about the fire. Govalf brand works with a focus on quality and reliability in every wet alarm valve it produces.

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