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Katar sürgülü valf

Qatar Gate Valve

It is possible to adjust the flow rates of various fluids with the Qatar gate valve in order to control the fluidities used in the piping systems. Our company stands out in this context and offers you the valves used in many fields such as textile, energy production, petrochemical facilities. Problems are avoided with the sealing rings on the valves. At the same time, it is possible for you to reach the best valves with the materials used. You can also choose our company for sliding valves, which are very advantageous.

Katar sürgülü valf

What are Qatar Gate Valves?

It is possible that the flap, called the slider, inside the slide valves, moves in the vertical plane thanks to the worm screw shaft. In this way, it is possible to give way to the fluid and to stop the flow. It is frequently used as it can operate fully open or fully closed. It has two sealing rings. It is possible to open the sealing rings thanks to the discs sliding vertically in the passage direction and to control the fluid.

When the disc is opened with the slide valves, the passage of the fluid is ensured. The fluids in the areas where it is used are hot water, hot water, pressurized water, fluids made of chemicals and fuel oil. They are preferred because of their features such as closing properties. In this direction, our company provides you with the best quality Qatar slide valve product.

What are the Features of Gate Valves?

Gate valves are specially produced. In this direction, they are very useful products with sealing rings. Maintenance-free bi-directional valve solutions are included in their structure. The flow is in full cross-section and there is no narrowing of the diameter. Each time it is opened, the sealing surface is cleaned by the flow and the formation of any residue is prevented. The fact that it can be used in underground and aboveground applications is one of the biggest reasons for preference.

It is also possible that they can be controlled by extension. Due to its low pressure loss, it does not require any maintenance as it works with low torque. Especially for those with explosion-free design, when choosing a Qatar slide valve, the rings are changed under pressure. Our company uses quality equipment in the production process so that you can benefit from all the features.

Advantages of Qatar Gate Valves

It is very advantageous as it provides flow from both directions. It also has the advantage of high sealing. In this respect, it stands out as a highly advantageous and indispensable product of the industry. Fluid flow control can be achieved due to the fact that it does not leak at high temperatures and pressures. In this way, the advantage is obtained with the control features.

In addition, in a sudden situation, it is possible to intervene in a practical way. In addition to its functional features, it is very advantageous because it is affordable. Thus, it has many advantages. Our company offers you the best quality products so that you can have a functional, convenient and affordable Qatar slide valve. You can also choose from various valve options offered by our company.

Qatar Gate Valve Usage Areas

Qatar slide valve usage areas include situations where minimum pressure loss and full passage space are required. It is very suitable for use at these points, especially when it is fully open, as it offers a full transition area. At the same time, the sliding valve type can be used with many fluids, and its usage area is quite wide. It is suitable for use in gases as well as fluids such as drinking water.

Our company comes to the fore in order to obtain slide valve types that are suitable for use in many areas. All the materials used are selected so that you can get the advantages. In this direction, it is possible to use it easily in every field. At the same time, a suitable working condition will be obtained as a result of quality products. You can also choose our company for the Qatar slide valve type within our company.


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