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Cezayir Sürgülü Valf

Algeria Gate Valve

Cezayir Sürgülü Valf

Algeria Gate Valve ; The Algerian gate valve is the name given to the installation elements such as valves and valves at the point of controlling the flows. These are the valves that control the gaseous or liquid fluid. It has the function of opening and closing while doing so. Therefore, it has a simple mechanism that allows a controlled flow. As a very important component, its effect is great.

It is widely used in daily life to provide hot water as well as kitchen and bathroom installations. Valves used for heating and hot water supply are also used in industrial areas. Valves are important in keeping fluid power and pressure under control. It is used in a wide range from petrochemical industry to automotive.

The valve is divided into types within itself and each has a separate purpose and feature. Therefore, people should receive detailed service about using and installing valves. Algerian gate valve is more preferred because of its usage area and working in a different way. We can specify the valve types as follows:


Solenoid Valves

One of the types of valves controlled by electrical signals is solenoid valves. It is used in the control of fluids such as gas, water, oil, steam. It works with electromagnetic control system. This type of valve is highly preferred in explosive atmospheres. Besides being very convenient in terms of safety, solenoid valves are also more than adequate from a functional point of view.

check valves

It is a very important component for the piping used in fluid transfer. Usually it should work properly. Because it is important that it fully fulfills its function and serves its purpose. Therefore, a properly functioning check valve ensures that the liquid flows in a certain direction and prevents reverse flow. The flow capacity must be suitable for the check valve to work very efficiently and healthily.

In order to get efficiency from a check valve professionally, attention should be paid to the production issue. Valve maintenance is also important to ensure proper installation. Algerian gate valve is used for pipe installation in a safe and quality way.

Gate Valves

The slide valves move on the vertical plane of the disc thanks to the screw shaft. It is a type of valve that stops the flow by giving way to the fluid in this way. They are known as slide valves because they work either open or closed. Gate valves can open more than one port by axial displacement of the pistons. Therefore, they can be easily connected to each other and closed.

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves, which are widely used in hot water and installations, are highly functional. Its construction is quite simple. Valve body and valve inner diameter size are close to each other. Here the disc is supported by the spindle along the vertical axis. Butterfly valves control fluids such as liquid, gas, viscous and particulate. It provides compact structure sealing and takes up very little space.

Press Relief Valves

Press safety valves are activated when the dosing pumps need to be higher than the line pressure. Here, its main task and purpose is to protect the line from high pressure and to take precautions against chemicals that will leak out of the line.

Needle Valves

Needle valves are used to regulate liquids and gases for positive sealing. In-line and angled needle valves function. It is an ideal valve being designed for flow and regulation applications. Compared to other valves, it has a convenient feature for continuous adjustment. It can be used systematically due to the internal structure of the body. Algerian gate valve pays attention to production in order to operate and operate more smoothly. In addition, Govalf brand produces valves and slide valves. In order to meet the needs, it is important to have a valve in some installations.

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