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Air Dampers

Air dampers are tools used to evacuate the smoke in a controlled manner in case of a possible fire. Today, the functions of air dampers, which have many different types, are also different from each other. Dampers can be integrated into fire extinguishing systems, as well as models with a suitable design for use in air evacuation.  The main feature of they is to optionally provide comfortable air or to evacuate the smoke in case of possible fire. Here, the function of the they can be determined according to the usage demands. At the same time, this type of dampers can be used to adjust the air flow and create a stable air level.

What are Air Dampers and What They Do?

They have the task of regulating the air flow within the system. This air regulation task can be performed for different purposes. The types of air dampers that regulate the outside air inlet-outlet process, which have quite a variety, are the most commonly preferred ones today. These dampers allow air circulation to occur by breaking the resistance emerging at the outside air intake.

Outdoor air inlet-outlet dampers or mixed dampers also have a leak-proof feature. Thanks to this sealing, it prevents rain water from reaching the inner area. Separate sections of dampers must be used for maximum and minimum outdoor air demands.

What are Air Dampers?

They are products used to provide comfortable air indoors and to determine the flow of outside air. As it is known, the external air intakes are not always at the same resistance depending on the local construction. It is therefore possible to use they in different ways for different local situations and to meet different purposes.

One of the most basic problems experienced in the outside air intake is resistance. Especially high wind pressure has a significant effect on the outside air outlet and inlet. Backflow dampers are needed to minimize and eliminate this effect. The main task of these dampers is to stabilize the outdoor air flow by narrowing the backflow as much as possible.

What Do They Do?

They can be preferred for extremely wide range of usage demands as stated. However, the most basic function of them is to regulate the air inlet-outlet system. Dampers with this function consist of two blades positioned at 100 mm intervals on the section.

These wings move in opposite directions to each other. Adjusted for low resistance levels, the air damper has an aerodynamic structure. Tehy, in which flow rate adjustment is made with a servo motor, also have a damper arm. It is possible to manually adjust the flow rate with the help of the throttle lever. The open and inlet sections on the damper arm indicate whether the damper is in the open or closed position.

Where are Air Dampers Used?

They are widely preferred air flow rate adjustment products in high-rise buildings. At the same time, they can be used in regions with high wind pressure. It is possible to use they for different purposes, which are widely used in the industrial or retail sector today.

The extremely wide variety of they can cause some problems in choosing the right product. The fact that the manufacturers make different naming is the most basic factor in the mediation of some terminological and definitional problems. Therefore, if they are used, it should be ensured that the right product is chosen.