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Pendent Sprinkler

Pendent Sprinklers are the systems that start the alarm system and perform the first response in case of a possible fire. The basic task of all equipment produced in different sizes and lengths is the same. Since it has a special system, the system is activated during a fire. By preventing the growth of fire, life and property safety is ensured.

Sprinklers, which are evaluated in fire equipment, have two different types. Wet sprinklers retain the liquid in the assembly. In this way, in the event of a possible fire, the growth of the fire is prevented until professional intervention is made. Its innovative features and technological system have made the sprinkler one of the most preferred products in the fire extinguishing system.

What is Pendent Sprinkler and What It Does?

Pendent Sprinkler, which hangs from the pipes above the ceiling and has a special place in fire equipment, are the products that perform the first response to the fire in case of a possible fire. There are sprinklers with different hole sizes and spray characteristics. Sprinklers, which are generally preferred in suspended ceilings, generally include the following features:

  • Offered in two categories, wet and dry sprinklers.
  • It has an innovative system, performs the first response during a fire.
  • The liquid in the glass tube is broken during a fire.
  • An advanced system is used to spray pressurized water around.
  • Thanks to its coatings, corrosion resistance is provided.
  • It has rings called rosettes.

Each of the specified features makes it possible to use sprinklers in fire equipment in many areas. Each of its features ensures safe use of the product.

What is Pendent Sprinkler?

Fire extinguishing systems are important to protect life and property safety. For this reason, the use of each product in the system is necessary for an effective fire response. Pendent Sprinkler is one of these products. Sprinklers, which are generally used in suspended ceilings, have a specially designed pipe network.

The pipe network is placed in the area to cover the area to be used. The glass partition in the product has a sealing feature. The liquid in the glass tube is released by spraying with the breaking of the glass during the fire. Generally, it has a spray power of 6 meters wide. In this way, a large area is intervened.

What Does Pendent Sprinkler Do?

Pandent Sprinkler is one of the fire extinguishing equipment with innovative features. It includes features that ensure safe and easy use. Designed with different models and colors, the sprinkler is a product used in spaces covered with suspended ceilings. The sprinkler, which is used with its rosette, attracts attention with its aesthetic appearance.

It is also possible to consider the sprinkler system, which extinguishes 95% of the fires, as a fire alarm. Therefore, it is possible to say that they are used in most buildings. The basic working principle can be summarized as the explosion of the glass tube during a fire and the spread of the liquid in it over a large area. With the provision of liquid flow over the device, the fire can be intervened in a timely manner.

Where is Pendent Sprinkler Used?

Pendent Sprinkler is one of the fire systems with a wide usage area. The product, which is preferred in different areas such as residences, offices and shops, is used in suspended ceilings. It is known that the system, which should be used in areas where piping is hidden, contains innovative features.

The system, which draws attention with its design that enables safe use, provides instant liquid flow in case of a possible fire. Thus, the fire is prevented from growing by intervening in a timely manner. Although there are sprinklers of different models and features, it can be said that the basic working principle is the same in all of them. It is also effortless to assemble. It is known that it stands out among fire equipment with its easy use.