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TJFU / TJFT Series

TJFU / TJFT Series

TJFU / TJFT series axial jet fans are products that are used in closed areas and allow the air to move without an air duct thanks to its features. Since axial jet fans provide a systematic discharge of air or toxic gases with their basic working principle, such products are needed in closed areas.

Although many factors come to the fore in the preference of axial jet fans, the most important factor is that there is no need for air ducts where such ducts are located. In addition, since there is no need for grille and diffuser placement, it makes it possible to save both time and cost. TJFU TJFT series is a product included in axial jet fans.

The body of the product is made of hot-dip galvanized. In addition, aluminum casting is preferred on the wings. Thus, it enables long-term use and provides effective ventilation of closed areas.

What is TJFU / TJFT Series and What It Does?

TJFU / TJFT series, which is preferred in large closed areas such as parking lots and tunnels, has an innovative design. Its main task is to ensure that the smoke, exhaust or air in the closed areas is transmitted to the exit point in a systematic and controlled manner and the air is cleaned. The air flow in the product reaches high velocities. In this way, the level of efficiency also increases.

Aiming at maximum efficiency with its features, the product makes it possible to save energy and time. Since each of the materials preferred during production aims to use the product for a much longer time, such fans are preferred in many areas.

What is TJFU / TJFT Series?

TJFU / TJFT series are fans that clean the environment in closed environments without the need for an air duct. The product, which is included in the category of axial jet fans, has a wide range of uses. It is generally preferred in very large closed areas. By enabling the air to be activated in a systematic way, it makes it possible to clean the air in the environment. It can operate at low sound levels. It also has maximum thrust.

What TJFU / TJFT Series Does?

The TJFU / TJFT series of jet fans includes innovative features. Its features can be summarized as follows:

  • Its body is made of hot-dip galvanized.
  • It used aluminum in its wings.
  • There are two mufflers on both the front and rear. Silencers made of galvanized steel sheet, with bell mouth inlet, acoustic filling, and low noise levels.
  • There is an electrical junction box on the fans.
  • TJFT models are bidirectional.
  • TJFU models are produced unidirectionally.

Each feature makes it possible to use the fans with high efficiency. Thanks to its features, the fans can direct the air optimally. In this way, it ensures that the air in the environment is cleaned much more effectively.

Where to Use TJFU / TJFT Series?

TJFU / TJFT series are preferred in large closed areas such as parking lots and tunnels. It can be used in daily ventilation, but also in case of fire. It has features that enable it to work with double speed when necessary. There are mufflers on both sides to minimize the sound output during the operation of the fans.

Each of its features ensures that the fans can operate at high efficiency. Therefore, it is known that its usage area is wide. In addition, it is possible to say that fans are preferred in different areas, since there is no need for air ducts when such fans are used. With its innovative features, technological design and working principle aiming high efficiency, TJFU TJFT series products provide long-term and effective operation.